Company tweet causes tempest in Tennessee Senate race

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty speaks at Nashville event on Dec. 3, 2019. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty has resigned from the board of R.J. O’Brien & Associates over social media posts sent by the futures brokerage firm voicing support for the African American community and Black Lives Matter.

The National Pulse, a project of the American Principles Project, first wrote about Hagerty’s role with the company based on a financial disclosure the candidate filed with the Senate on Friday.

The company said in a May 31 tweet (since deleted):

R.J. O’Brien stands proudly with the African American Community in support of EQUALITY & PEACE. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

Rival Republican candidate Manny Sethi’s campaign quickly seized on the National Pulse item:

The Breitbart website quickly moved to publish Hagerty’s letter of resignation to R.J. O’Brien CEO Gerald Corcoran:

I cannot in good conscience remain affiliated in any way with the promotion of a radical political movement that seeks to use this moment to overthrow the government and usher in Marxism. This movement wants to rip apart the fabric of our country and destroy many aspects of what makes America exceptional. I vehemently oppose their calls for violence and relentless march towards socialism. Please accept this as my resignation from R.J. O’Brien effective immediately.

Unsurprisingly, the Sethi camp wasn’t impressed, issuing the following statement:

This is simple: Bill Hagerty has been making money from a company giving money to Black Lives Matter, while his campaign has been spending millions of dollars pretending to oppose Black Lives Matter. He only resigned once he was caught. He’s a hypocrite and a fraud, just like his buddy Mitt Romney.

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  • John says:

    Haslam, Hagerty, Romney, Jeb, Stuart and Leanne: RINOs!!!

  • Not Stuart Anderson says:

    So, this is how low today’s GOP has become? You cant be affiliated with a firm that supports civil rights? Pathetic. BLM is not some subversive attempt at undermining our democracy, it’s a civil rights movement.

    • Lance Persson says:

      It appears that you are not doing your homework. John’s comments support everything I have read and heard from BLM from reliable conservative postings. Tells us what your source of information is about BLM if you want us to take your words seriously.

    • Bob says:

      BLM is turning into a domestic terrorist group. Remember the black Olympic track athlete many years ago that raised his arm with a clutched fist while being recognized on the podium with a gold medal? He was saluting a similar group called Black Power. This is the same group that recently carried guns and intimidated tourist at Stone Mountain. A civil war is coming folks, and we’re getting closer and closer to that time.

    • Chet says:

      BLM leadership has openly acknowledged that they are Marxist.
      Do some research.

    • Laira says:

      BLM started as a civil rights movement but has been hijacked by extremist who openly admit to wanting to kill white people & have a Marxist society.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    It’s their game plan and they are sticking to it to the bitter end. Call it “Operation Unhagerty” which carries the theme that since Hagerty has a rich record of being a centrist/tepid conservative Chairman Manny simply must be a genuine conservative because he is not Hagerty. This is nonsense, of course, but what else can Chris Devaney do when Dr. “CONSERVATIVE-OUTSIDER” has given him $1.5 million to make The Chairman a U. S. Senator with only a teensy record of any political involvement at all and that record was achieved exclusively with the same Republican Establishment that counts Hagerty as a member.

    Some choice, eh conservatives? Let’s simply vote AGAINST Chairman Manny in order to show would be “conservative” candidates that its best to have a conservative record before running for high office by voting FOR Hagerty.

    • John says:


      • LeeAnn C. says:

        Dr M is the hypocrite! Corker donor, never supported Joe Carr’s bid against Lamar Alexander, never a dime for President Trump until October 2019 (after beginning his Senate bid), not one iota of proof of conservative values! He’s an empty suit, puppeting whatever Bill Lee’s campaign manager and Nashville Cooper’s campaign operative Rick Williams tell him to say. His Healthy TN organization has no significant achievements, but has a couple of charming Dems complementing BLM protestors and attacking Marsha Blackburn. Dr. M reeks of insincerity, saying whatever he thinks will get him a vote, but NO substance to back up his words! We don’t need Bill Lee (or worse, Cooper) 2.0 in the Senate!

    • Ed adams says:

      Wrong. BLM HAS NO INTEREST IN BLACK LIVES. The cofounders aer admitted communists. They have kidnapped the civil rights movement for their own advantage. This is unfortunate because there are things we can do to help oue fellow americans. Raceism is a fact but certainly not systemic. After all we did elect Obama twice. That doesn’t seem to reflect systemic raceism.

  • David M. Livingston, Haywood County Mayor says:

    I trust Bill Hagerty.He has show that he knows Tennessee values and wiil aggressively defend Tennesseean’s culture and understands that this country and State is in a fight with outsiders who would say or do anything to trick us into voting against our interest.
    I trust the President to known whom he can trust; and that is Bill. ToHagelivingstondml@aol.comrty.

  • James White says:

    Manny is right, somebody got caught

  • JT says:

    Stuart is whack and clearly loves the idea of career do nothing politicians. He wants them to stay in, become entrenched, lazy and beholden so he can continue to bemoan the state of affairs. No thanks. Ideally, we want regular citizens stepping into public service and then returning to their career.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Yes indeed JT, Chairman Manny the son of two physicians who attended the tony Webb School over in Bell Buckle, Brown University, and Harvard Medical School. He just plunked down at least $1.5 million to buy himself a U. S. Senate seat. Just a “regular citizen stepping into public service,” but only at the very highest level as befits a regular every day kinda guy like Chairman Manny.

  • Mark Rogers says:

    Stuart, your Manny mania is showing. And it isn’t pretty. The last person I saw with your level of obsession was named Ahab and that didn’t work out well for him either.

    Did you know that back in the 2000 election cycle, Ambassador Hagerty donated $1,000 to Al Gore? That’s right. Back when we were trying to carry Tennessee for America and Western Civilization, your current bromance, Bill ‘Honest, I don’t know any Mitt Romney’ Hagerty was on the Gore Team. Gore.

    Does anything phase you or will our last sight if you be pinned to the side of the Manny bus as it heads for DC and his swearing in?

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Let me reassure you Mark, that my “Manny mania” will end when Dr. “CONSERVATIVE-OUTSIDER” returns to Vandy’s operating rooms after this primary and I will get ready to bemoan the fact that Sen. Hagerty can’t get his Heritage score above 75%. While I’m doing that if The Chairman still has a desire to step into public service, as JT would put it, I will continue to support him for an office for which a political novice like him is qualified, Representative from House District 65.

  • Steve Cates says:


    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Come on Steve! Those of us who are members of the party that actually governs this state are trying to have a serious conversation about who will be our next U. S. Senator and all you can do is chime in to kid around. PLEASE STEVE, this is important!

  • Sara Beasley says:

    Late night TV at its finest. Those who refuse to admit & accept the truth
    on ole fraud Hagerty, will fight till the bitter end that he walks
    on water, all the while he is sinking in quicksand.
    Guess Haggerty fans also need proven to that the earth
    is round🙄

  • Donna Locke says:

    I completely, totally, absolutely agree with Hagerty’s statement there about the destructive, subversive Black Lives Matter movement. The people and corporations falling for this con job are such fools and so deluded and brainwashed that it is best to avoid them.

  • Rick Williams says:

    Stuart, In 2016, I remember a guy who ran for his first political office ever just like Dr. Manny Sethi. He had never ever held public office before just like Dr. Manny Sethi. His name Stuart was Donald J. Trump. So why is it so bad for Dr. Manny Sethi to run for the U.S. Senate in 2020. No experience at all. You represent the old Republican Party where you waited your turn until Ted Welch ( God rest his soul ) or some other Republican ” leader ” approached you to run. It was your time. Until then you had to sit down and wait your turn. Not anymore. President Trump broke the mold. You can go to the top if you are what the people want. So take the Ole Hag on home. Have you not looked at the polls.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Rick, I am a conservative and I believe every election should be evaluated with the following two goals in mind: (1) making the Republican Party as reliably conservative as the Democratic Party is liberal, (2) preventing the liberal Democrats from being elected to ANYTHING. With these two goals in mind I will support the most reliably conservative candidate with the best chance of winning election. The most conservative candidate is determined by the candidate’s political record consisting of (in order of importance) behavior in public office, contributions to candidates and causes, public advocacy.

      Unfortunately, in this Senate race neither candidate held office before and neither has any record of significantly contributing to conservative candidates or causes, and as for advocacy, I never heard of either one before they decided to buy themselves a Senate seat. Now Rick, please remember we are talking about two very wealthy men, well out of puberty, vying for a very high office. For conservatives, both men are unusually uninspiring indeed.

      Given the choices the only significant distinguishing characteristic between these two men is their approach to gaining victory. Hagerty’s record as a centrists/tepid conservative is too extensive to be denied so he is running as the Trump endorsed candidate never mind the obligatory campaign blather about being a “conservative” “pro life” “2nd Amendment stalwart” for low information Republican voters. Chairman Manny’s approach is found in “Operation Unhagerty.” Insofar as Hagerty is the favorite and Manny has practically no political record of any kind, The Chairman has the opportunity to paint himself as this fire and brimstone conservative zealot to offer an alternative. The only trouble is there is absolutely no evidence from The Chairman’s record that any of this is true.

      As a conservative I find Hargerty is the same old same old that I am almost always very much against. It is Chairman Manny who infuriates! He has the audacity, like so many others, to give NOTHING to the conservative movement that he can point to despite being a VERY wealthy man then at the age of 42 showing up running for one of our highest offices as this blood and guts conservative. That’s the kind of crap conservatives should stop putting up with if they ever want to see their candidates get enough funding to be competitive with the Chamber of Commerce shills they are running against. Conservatives can do this starting in a few days by voting AGAINST Chairman Manny by voting FOR Hagerty.

      (BTW Rick, please don’t use Trump for your argument because right now he is losing quite decisively as an incumbent running against an obviously demented opponent. John Rose (Heritage-94%) over in the Sixth District would be so much better,)

      • N.B. David says:

        Joe Biden “Demented” ? That would be a HELL NO ! It is Trump and your buddies Bill and Manny that are ! Mr. Biden has a “Stammer” as do 3 million other Americans. SO WHAT ? Get your facts straight before you open your ignorant mouth !

    • LeeAnn C. says:

      After seeing you promote Democrat Cooper over Carol Swain you have NO credibility! Nevermind refugee resettlement and exe motive order tyrant Bill Lee. Pack it in, Rick! Some of us have your number and will see to it that Hagerty wins!

      • MARLE says:

        He managed the Swain campaign the first time she ran. He is in the Business of managing campaigns.

        • LeeAnn C. says:

          Yes. I know he manages campaigns for money. I guess Cooper offered more money than Carol Swain for Nashville mayor. How’s that working out for Nashville?

  • David Thomas says:

    Oh Dear Lord, they are just trying to see which one can out racist the other! The entire Republican Party has become an embarrassment and a joke!

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      BING-BING. That’s a big three pionter on the leftist scoreboard for David! A “racist” shot from far out of the topic when race was never mentioned or thought of by the participants in the game.

      David, I know that’s your knee-jerk response in every political discussion when something you don’t agree with is mentioned but can’t you please hold that childish nonsense until the general election while those of us in the governing party are trying to seriously discuss who will be our next U. S. Senator.

  • Louie Johnston Jr. says:

    Dr. Manny Sethi has a PROVEN CONSERVATIVE RECORD, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to only conservative Republicans for decades, unlike Hagerty donations to AL GORE for President!

    Manny Sethi made public speeches for Trump rallies while Hagerty was a Jeb Bush supporter and DELEGATE for Jeb Bush during the Primary.


    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      My gosh Louie, a few days before early voting and suddenly you appear! I have a list of Hagerty’s contributions going back to the 1990’s but up to now I haven’t seen a similar list from The Chairman. You must tell Chairman Manny to break out of his shell and not be so shy if he wants to be a U. S. Senator. Did he not think that sort of thing would be of interest to conservatives who see in The Chairman as nothing but an overly ambitious, entitled, Republican Establishment hanger-on? It’s his campaign, it’s his duty to publicize that sort of thing if it exists.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      This simply gets more infuriating by the day. Instead of the Chairman banging on about how he is going to do this or that to Red China or how feels about this or that in those ads Devaney is running don’t you think it would have been more informative to conservatives if he would have said something to the effect that ” . . .while Bill Hagerty has been financially supporting Al Gore, Mitt Romney and other “moderate” Republicans over the years I have been ‘donat[ing] hundreds of thousands of dollars to only conservative Republicans for decades”? He hasn’t which means that either Devaney is guilty of highly uncharacteristic campaign guru malpractice or that “PROVEN CONSERVATIVE RECORD” of yours Louie is a figment of your imagination.

  • Perry Aubric says:

    Apparently, Stuart thinks if he uses thousands and thousands of words in nauseating redundancy he will carry the day and convince readers of his arguments. Maybe we can find him some irrelevant advocacy group to give him a score of 15 on the is-anybody-even-laying-attention-to-him-anymore scale.

    There is, of course, little difference between these two candidates, issue wise. From a practical standpoint, Hagerty would seem a marginally better choice because he actually has some experience in government as a Commissioner and as an Ambassador. There is a whisper—just a whisper, mind you—of hope for an occasional enlightened or responsible vote from him. Both, of course, are really empty suits without any discernible core values other than arrogance, hubris and an inability to lead rather than kowtow to talk radio radicals. Their platforms, from what I can gather from their ads, are as follows:

    Hagerty: Trump has endorsed me. I will be his unquestioning toady.

    Sethi: It’s OK to be racist. I will be Trump’s unquestioning toady.

    What puzzles me is that the Republican Party, so dominant in this state, could do no better than this for a choice of candidates. Seven incumbent GOP Congressmen, a former Governor who left office and remains very popular, literally dozens of Republican members of the legislature, all among others with loads experience and much more charisma than these two Bozos.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Well, thankfully my candidate, Bill Hagerty has wrapped up the nasty, humorless liberal vote. Frankly, I’m not sure how many nasty, humorless liberals there are in the Republican Party or how many Democrats with that personality defect cross over and vote in the Republican primary, but every vote counts so I am grateful for every one of them.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      And lest I forget, that’s three points for Perry on the leftist scoreboard as well for managing to interject race into a conversation having nothing to do with race. Couldn’t let David pull ahead of you in mindless leftist interjections could you Perry.

      • Perry Aubric says:

        One thing you can be sure of is that I have never and will never vote in a Republican primary. I gave no use for anyone who crosses over in that way. For one thing, it is actually illegal to do so, although it is a toothless and usually unenforceable law. I have always believed in and supported party registration. Secondly, I just think it’s unethical to vote in the other party’s primary, whichever way you go.

        I was commenting on the platforms of the two empty suit candidates in the Republican primary. There is no way you can seriously contend that Sethi has not been referencing race and racism in his advertising. Don’t be disingenuous, Stuart.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          You’re kind of correct Perry. Devaney, bless his heart, is a real pro. I simply wish he will work for a candidate that I support sometime before I die. What he’s done is to have The Chairman use the fact that he’s not a Caucasian in the cutest way. The good Dr. is using it to his ADVANTAGE! Insofar as he’s not a Caucasian Devaney has him declaring quite proudly “No one will ever call me a racist!” Pretty neat don’t you think?

          Of course, all of this is mindless campaign stuff for low information voters. As if “People of Color,” as our leftist friends like to call them, are simply incapable of racism or that grab bag of outre attitudes that leftists place in the category of “Racism.” Anyway, this nonsense has nothing to do with the unsmiling Racism that you and David are talking about. So I’ll give you partial credit for being right on form, but not on substance.

          • MARLE says:

            I didn’t get that angle at all from the “let em call me a racist” ad. His mother first said “Others come here illegally, take all the benefits and then if you dare say that’s wrong”

            His comment was to make the point that he will Defend vigorously against such a charge because, due to his family’s personal experience” he knows this is Wrong on the merits having nothing to do with racism.

            And the Left calls all manner of people all manner of things ……the truth of their allegation is irrelevant to them . So Manny’s heritage is no protection from the “they”.

      • Perry Aubric says:

        I have already voted by absentee ballot. I cast my ballot for James Mackler, a sincere and honorable veteran who would be a good Senator and, unfortunately, has no chance of winning in the fall. A sad commentary on our state.

        Also a sad commentary on our worthless Tennessee Democratic Party. I have no confidence that Mackler will even get the nomination, since he is not first on the ballot. Politically aware people like those who post here know who he is, but there has been no advertising or outreach for him. The TNDP needs a housecleaning and a serious rebuilding.

  • James B. Garrett says:

    Don’t you just love it when someone shines a spot light on something and the politicians start running. It sort of reminds me of where I used to live while in college – you walk into the kitchen at night, turn on the light and you could see the cockroaches just running.

  • MARLE says:

    So….both of these candidates will support citizenship for dreamers.

    Dreamers overwhelmingly applaud the actions of their parents who got them on their path to citizenship. No doubt they will be agitating for a similar path for the parents, grandparents and relatives whose law-breaking/jumping the line (or however Manny or Haggerty might wish to describe it) got them the Jackpot they now possess.

    Wonder how Manny’s mother feels about that?

  • Beatrice Shaw says:

    These men are OVERT RACISTS!!! People of color and other minorities are being exploited in all manner of ways. To not realize this and actively change it means you are AS GUILTY as the white men who put Africans on slave ships in the first place

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Oh dear, it looks like we’re in for Beatrice having a Madame Defarge Day. I wonder, is it the weather, medication? The market is up, is Beatrice a bear?

      I have even more bad news Beatrice. Your leftist friends already needlessly interjected “race” in this conversation when those of us in the governing party are simply trying to decide who will be our next U. S. Senator so you only get two points on the Leftist Scoreboard. I know, I know it simply isn’t fair. You were the first to needlessly bring “race” up today but that’s the decision from the official scorer. Surely there will be another discussion having nothing whatsoever to do about “race” when you will get frustrated because someone will say something with which you disagree and you can inappropriately bring up “race” and be rewarded by three points then.

      • Perry Aubric says:

        Stuart, no commentator “injected race”’into this discussion. Go back and read the original story. It is all about BLM an race. You just make yourself sillier and sillier as you get more and more shrill. You really hate this Devaney guy, don’t you? Seek counseling. It might help.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          Close Dr. Perry, but not quite. The story is about Hagerty’s reaction to a firm’s reaction to BLM and The Chairman’s reaction to Hagerty’s reaction to the firm’s reaction to BLM.

          It is only when this story is viewed through the fevered mind of the “race” obsessed on the left that this story becomes a story about “race.” No problem Perry, though you sometimes take it with a maximum of bad grace, I feel it sort of a calling to explain things to the confused.

          No again Perry, I don’t hate anybody for doing their job well which is what Chris Devaney is doing taking two patently unqualified candidates in Bill Lee and Chairman Manny and making one a winner and the other at least a serious contender. It is you leftists who want to personally harm (“deplatform” “cancel”) people with whom you disagree or who stand in the way of your latest obsession. Now that’s politically motivated hatred. To accuse me of harboring such attitudes is what I believe the psychologists call “transfer.”

          • MARLE says:

            Projection is what they call it, Stuart. Transference is another phenomenon altogether.

          • Perry Aubric says:

            I don’t want to deplatorm or cancel anyone. Liar. Never have advocated that, nor participated in it. Quit making asinine and incorrect assumptions about what people believe, Stuart. Leave that to bumper sticker mentalities that listen to Rush Limbaugh and Phil valentine.

            I would never cancel you. You make such a case for liberalism with your general I’ve-got-mine-to-hell with-everybody-else approach. Plus, this cancellation stuff is the tool of the Bernie types, with whom I have no sympathy.

            A wonder that, as well connected and brilliant and respected and revered and influential a Republican strategist as you are, or at least as you present yourself to be, that you aren’t just running the show for Hagerty. Surely, he has consulted you in all your wisdom.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Thanks MARLE I have to remember that. As for you Perry, you are an old time liberal. Reminds me of my own dear mother and all the people in my life until I graduated from high school. I didn’t think there were any around anymore. I can now understand your disenchantment with the Democratic Party .

            I could never be a hired gun going from town to town working to elect anyone on the right side of spectrum who will pay me. Hagerty is wayyyyy to the left of me but he’s the best house in a lousy neighborhood right now. I will tell you one thing, Mark Green (Heritage-100%) is very ambitious and is chomping at the bit to be a U. S. Senator so Hagerty (or The Chairman) better watch his votes in the Senate or he may find himself with a well financed opponent in the Republican Primary in six years.

  • Elliot says:

    It’s not hard to find the truth in this race, just take the word of a personal friend of Dr. Sethi, Roy Exum. Roy wrote an article praising Dr. Manny (which was then pushed around Facebook by Manny’s team) that lays out 3 important points in 3 simple quotes:

    “Sethi has bearing in the Republican Party but he swears he will never be a party loyalist”

    “Sethi is the only way a Democrat in Tennessee will ever be heard”

    “So if I were a progressive Democrat faced without a winning horse, I would defy Trump by voting in the Republican primary and picking Sethi”

    (and if you don’t believe, just google any one of those quotes)

    It appears the good doctor will say whatever to get elected, even if that means encouraging cross-over voting in the primary.

    • John says:

      William Francis Hagerty IV is a financial bundler for Al Gore.

      William Francis Hagerty IV is a financial bundler for Never Trumper Mitt Romney.

      William Francis Hagerty IV is a financial bundler for Never Trumper Jeb Bush.

      William Francis Hagerty IV is a financial bundler for Never Trumper John McCain.

      William Francis Hagerty IV is a financial bundler and cabinet member for Never Trumper Bill Haslam.

      William Francis Hagerty IV is a supporter of Marxist BLM.

      William Francis Hagerty IV made a safe bet supporting Trump after he was nominated thinking Clinton could never lose. He’s cashing in on that luck, but he will revert to his RINO ways just like Lamar.

  • Jimmy Wilson says:

    Haven’t you all learned your lesson by now with our country going down the rat hole? Just stay away from ALL Republicans and you will be all right. You don’t have to go full Democrat but just stay away from the science and truth deniers. There is not a truthteller in the group! Liars and frauds!

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Jimmy, you must be a liberal trying to weaken the opposition. Look at it this way, the Republican Party in its present form is contemptible, but the Democratic Party is subversive. The game plan for conservatives is to simply change the officeholders and officials in the Republican Party and PRESTO we have a spanking new party that’s worth supporting. “Contemptible” has no ideology to speak of so it can be reformed, “subversive” has a screwed up world view that will simply take too much time and effort to change. Third parties are a waste of time, effort, money and votes.

  • Jimmy Wilson says:

    Stewart, I don’t have to “do” anything to “weaken the opposition” – Trump is doing quite well all by himself. I meerly pointed out the obvious. Even hardcore republicans are deserting the party every day because of Trump. The man is nasty, plain and simple.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Jimmy, you liberals fail to understand that the leftward lurch of the Democratic Party and the nomination of Biden, a man who obviously is suffering from dementia, is keeping all but a few Republicans firmly tied to Trump no matter what they think of him including myself. Once the campaign starts in earnest and Biden simply will no longer be able to hide in his basement and the shrill charms of the lady he chooses as a Vice President (or should I say Co-President and probable successor before too long in his presidency) become known the electorate will sullenly choose Trump again.

      I hope you liberals don’t get your heart set on replacing Trump or think it’s a done deal. Just remember the embarrassing spectacle so many of you made of yourself over your disappointment in 2016.

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