Casada wants to restore 3 oversight committees

Rep. Glen Casada, the Republican nominee for House speaker, wants to restore oversight committees for prisons, children and families, and TennCare, The Tennessean’s Joel Ebert reports. Those oversight committees — and eight others — were eliminated through an initiative of former Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville) and outgoing House Speaker Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) in 2011.

13 Responses to Casada wants to restore 3 oversight committees

  • James White says:

    More government is not the answer.

  • David Collins says:

    Someone tell me again why republicans call themselves the party of smaller government.

  • Misty Pardner says:

    He is building his Kingdom. The more people he makes feel important, the more loyalty and political capital he builds. What we have here is Naifeh 2.0. Listen here Republicans, continue on this path and the majority will be lost in ten short years.

  • How is this bigger government? says:

    I think you have preconceived notions as to how something will happen. The Senate already has oversight committees but none of you said anything about that. So now the House wants to have oversight and suddenly our government has doubled in size. Just maybe the house members want more knowledge of what departments are doing and how they are interacting with the citizens of our state. Just maybe, we can have a legislative branch holds departments accountable and one that allows the body to be proactive versus reactive. Give Speaker-Elect Casada a chance to lead before we start making claims of 2.0. This is not bigger government it is better government!

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Well said! Glenn’s replacing Beth Harwell is yet another pleasant result from what was, on the whole, a very successful election for conservatives in Tennessee. Beefing up the General Assembly’s authority and oversight will be needed insofar as Gov.-Elect Bill Lee is already showing signs of being the centrist Republican that I sagely feared he would be leading up to the Republican primary last August.

      Conservatives are already complaining about the distinct lack of conservative appointments Lee is making to his new administration as well as the number of Haslam holdovers who are keeping their jobs. Insofar as I warned my fellow conservatives of the dangers of voting for a No Record Candidate like Lee, it’s requiring all my self-control to avoid adding to their misery by being an “I Told You So.” Since we haven’t even begun another eight long years of this continuation of the uninspiring Haslam administration let’s try to get our minds off the mistake made in last August’s Republican primary by deciding what to name the new administration set to take office in January, should it be the “HasLee” or “Leelam” administration?

  • Donna Locke says:

    I’m for accountability, if it’s real.

  • Tim Skow says:

    Seeing … A WHOLE LOT OF WHINNG …. even before a single soul to the next generation of TN leadership has taken the oath of office. President Reagan was WELL KNOWN for his classic line when dealing with the Russians of ”TRUST …but.. VERIFY” … Lets at least agree to offer the next generation of TN Republican leadership what President Reagan was prepared to offer the Russians.. AGREED ?

  • Diana Page says:

    Surely, it can be agreed that the prison system needs effective oversight.

  • Diana Page says:

    Also, I personally have great respect for the Commissioner of MH/SA. She has been effective with limited dollars, and in my opinion, has put together a team who knows the issues inside and out. What is wrong with re-appointing effective people?

  • Jud says:

    Maybe it would help if you did some research into why those oversight committees were eliminated in the first place. Could it have been found that they were just a waste of taxpayer funds?

    • How is this bigger government? says:

      Could it have been they were under the control of another Speaker? Could it be a different setup this time? Could it be that Casada will use existing staff and not top load it with hefty salaries? Like I said above give him the chance.

  • p says:

    we need oversight for these large institutions.

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