Casada to step down as speaker Aug. 2, requests successor vote be held same day

House Speaker Glen Casada (R-Franklin), right, meets with colleagues on the Senate floor on May 1, 2019. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

House Speaker Glen Casada plans to step down as House speaker on Aug 2. He is asking Gov. Bill Lee to call a  special session to elect a new leader of the chamber that same day.

Casada began holding talks about the timetable for his resignation following his return from a European vacation on Monday. The House Republican Caucus had voted 45-24 last month to approve a resolution declaring lost confidence in the speaker over a text message scandal and his heavy-handed leadership style.

Here’s the text of Casada’s letter to colleagues on Tuesday:

June 4th, 2019

House Members of the 111th General Assembly:

I resign from my position as Speaker of the House of Representatives, effective Friday, August 2nd at 8:00 am. I also request that Governor Bill Lee call the General Assembly into a special session for legislative business on that day. During the special session, the House may take up the procedural matter of electing a new Speaker to lead the chamber.


Glen Casada

State Representative, District 63

State Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini criticized the delay in Casada’s planned resignation:

Every day that Glen Casada is in office is a slap in the face to to women, communities of color, and all Tennesseans who expect real work and not lines of coke to be done at the state capitol. Democrats have been sounding the alarm since Casada’s corruption began, and we’ll continue to fight to restore accountability and decency to the Tennessee legislature.

18 Responses to Casada to step down as speaker Aug. 2, requests successor vote be held same day

  • James White says:

    Guess he is gonna milk that cow as long as he can.

  • MARLE says:

    From her comments it appears that Mary Mancini has mistaken Casada for someone who gives a damn. It takes time to finger those who owe you something and make sure they don’t forget!

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Hahahahahahahaha!!! We are all SUCKERS!!!!

  • Perry Aubric says:

    He must get a pension advantage by waiting for his birthday.

    It will be here soon enough, and the collective set of noodle heads are not in session anyway.

    Mary “Tennessee Is a Racist State” Mancini can help this process the most by STFU. The Dems are actually losing a great political advantage the day he resigns. Much better for them if the GOP had refused to deal with their sleazy speaker.

  • Janice Spillman says:

    Casada needs to be gone now and not further use taxpayer dollars for his own enrichment. He is an embarrassment to Williamson County and the entire state. I favor a special session now to oust him.
    Janice Spillman

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      I don’t know anyone in Williamson County, who is the least bit embarrassed by Glen Casada. For eighteen years he has served his constituents well as indicated by his comfortable re-election every two years. As a matter of fact, it is by no means a forgone conclusion that in fourteen months he won’t be re-elected again once the tempest in a teapot has subsided and cooler heads prevail.

      • MARLE says:

        You don’t know anyone, Stuart? Then you need to get out more and beyond your echo chamber.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          The problem with that suggestion is that I don’t have the patience to seek out and tolerate the company of solipsistic snowflakes who simply can’t tolerate attitudes and opinions that differ markedly from their own especially when that malady results in their becoming grievance archeologists.

          • Perry Aubric says:

            Ha ha ha ha ha. You can’t stand people who won’t tolerate other opinions, so you refuse to associate with anyone who doesn’t agree with your own. Do you even recognize what a two-faced hypocrite you are, Stuart?

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Perry, when you saw that terrible score you received on the English portion of the SAT, or was it the ACT, you should have resolved then and there to read items, especially items that have big words and long sentences s-l-o-w-l-y and carefully in the future. The leftists who create the SAT are now going to doctor the scores in order to raise the results of the “disadvantaged” and lower the scores of those they want to disadvantage, perhaps you it will be to your benefit to take the test again.

          • Perry Aubric says:

            Is anyone out there capable of interpreting this idiotic response from this pompous self-important nitwit?

          • MARLE says:

            How sad, Stuart. Plenty of people who would disagree with you on a range of subjects are not snowflakes, nor grievance sob-sisters. Their intellect is equal to or superior to yours. Break free. Cast off the shackles of life lived within the echo bubble and the world of Heritage scores.

      • Silence Dogood says:

        I understood Stuart. And agree with him. Casada got the job done. I respect that accomplishment. I will miss his ruthless and cutthroat approach to saving the lives of unborn children and his refusal to kowtow to the communist inspired education unions. I hope he continues to work for this states citizens.

        • MARLE says:

          So Casada has gotten the job done and we don’t have out of control classrooms presided over by teachers whose unions are never satisfied with anything? Where is the school where that is the norm? I should like very much to visit.

          • Silence Dogood says:

            He got the job done that he had the authority to get done. Poor support for teachers in the classroom by school administrators is a “deep state” issue and will only be solved by competition in this country. Casada got that competition started with the voucher programs he got through the legislature. Remember, Casada did not create these problems. Weak kneed politicians did. Headline: “Can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” Chicken’s union is outraged!

        • MARLE says:

          Teachers and their unions have not accomplished anything in terms of classroom discipline or learning outcomes. Their singular focus- always- has been pay raises. I don’t blame that on “the deep state administrators”.

  • Carole York says:

    The Republican Party has turned into a bunch of shameless grifters of taxpayer money! Casada should have been gone last month… this is wrong!!!

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