Candidate blasting China for COVID-19 married to man convicted of mislabeling drugs … from China

Kingsport pharmacist Diana Harshbarger has been making a splash in Tennessee’s open 1st Congress District race by self-funding a series of television commercials. One of her latest spots attacks China for the coronavirus pandemic.

“President Trump is right,” she says in the ad. “Let’s put America first by holding China accountable, controlling our borders, and bringing medical manufacturing back to America.”

Left unsaid is that Harshbarger’s husband pleaded guilty to federal charges of distributing misbranded drugs from China in 2013.

As the Kingsport Times-News reported at the time, Bob Harshbarger acknowledged misbranding iron sucrose purchased from China as the kidney dialysis drug Venofer. Prosecutors said he bought the non-FDA approved substances from China because they were cheaper than the brand-name drug.

Bob and Diana Harshbarger owned companies sharing the same Kingsport address, and she took over as the registered agent for his American Inhalation Medication Specialists Inc. after he was sentenced to four years in prison. The company was dissolved in 2018.

32 Responses to Candidate blasting China for COVID-19 married to man convicted of mislabeling drugs … from China

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    See folks, that’s what you get when a wealthy No Record Candidate runs for high office. She has no record to run on so she runs on irrelevant nonsensical TV adds and she has no record to attack so her husband’s past misdeeds come to the fore. All the while the gist of the campaign is lost viz. what a wonderful opportunity the voters of the First District have to replace one of Tennessee’s two most liberal Republican congressman, Phil Roe (Heritage-70%), who is thankfully retiring, with a staunch conservative Timothy Hill (ACU-88%).

    • Perry Aubric says:

      I agree with the first half of what you said.

      To state that Phil Roe is a “liberal” based on some ridiculous score from a fringe group that nominees but you gives a damn about is ludicrous. But you cannot be deterred from your insufferable condescending pedantry, I know.

      • Perry Aubric says:

        Nobody but you. Damn autocorrect.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Perry, I don’t say ludicrous things. For example, Phil Roe’s Heritage score doesn’t make him a liberal, rather it makes him a tepid conservative. Thus, I didn’t say that Phil is a liberal, but rather that he is “. . .one of Tennessee’s two most liberal Republican congressman. . . .” There is a difference Perry, but perhaps the difference can only be appreciated by those of us who appreciate what an improvement Timothy Hill with his ACU score of 88% will be over Roe and his Heritage score of 70%.

    • Stephanie says:

      Check out another candidate.

    • .DJ MCcarter says:

      That’s what you get with a republican. Good Lord look at what Phil Roe tried to do to vets, charging them 100 bucks a month for their.GI benefits. This is why TN ranks in the bottom 15% And has for decades.

  • Beatrice Shaw says:

    The money will win the race. Does not matter the candidate or the message.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      A bit too cynical for me Beatrice. No question, however, that money is important. That presents a wonderful opportunity for conservatives, especially conservatives who look forward to seeking high office someday but are lacking a political record, to make Timothy Hill’s candidacy top priority in terms of political contributions for the August Republican Primary.

      • Phil Lassiter says:

        But do conservatives spend their money en masse to support a true conservative in an election? The answer is no. A few do, but most just gather at town halls and bitch but never open their pocketbooks.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          You’re soooooo right Phil. That’s why when one of the All Hat, No Cattle conservatives bestir themselves to run for office, especially high office, conservatives who walk-the-walk as well as talk-the-talk should expose the ersatz conservative and do what they can to engineer his defeat. Sort of what I’m trying to do re: Chairman Manny, for example.

  • James White says:

    How come Marsha Blackburn did not do anything to stop China from taking over all of the drug manufacturing? Oh, yeah, she is a Big Trade NeoCon and she is a Transatlantic Policy Network member.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Because Marsha (Heritage-85%) didn’t get where she is by single handedly mounting Kamikaze missions for causes in which hardly anyone else in Congress has the slightest interest. She leaves that sort of thing to her constituents like you James.

    • MARLE says:

      James…you’re expecting guard dog behavior from a lap dog. Doesn’t happen. Ever.

      • James White says:


      • Eddie White says:

        I don’t know if a President who has been tougher on China than Trump. If you are suggesting Blackburn is a lapdog for Trump, then so be it.

        • MARLE says:

          The comment I was responding to was Underneath the comments about Marsha. So based on positioning……yea, Marsha

        • Bill Smith says:

          Tough on China? Trump? Yea just keep those stupid MAGA hats and shirts made by child labor deep in the center of China coming on in. Oh and don’t forget his daughters clothing lines from the sweat shops in China. That family will show China a thing or 2. One or both of those things being their money.

  • DWAYNE BLACK says:

    Why does anyone work with worthless think take averages? They have don e nothing for conservatives but allow some chest thumping at party meetings in basements at at gun clubs. Money will will and a wealthy moderate will win. They are easier to approach with issues anyway.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      I certainly hope not! In the face of the Democratic Party that is in the hands of radicals if all we can answer with is centrist/tepid conservative Republicans they win and we lose. Indeed Dwayne “They are easier to approach with issues. . .” because when push comes to shove capitulation is their fallback position.

      Far from being “. . .worthless, think tank averages” voting scorecards are invaluable as a way to judge the ideology of officeholders. Gone are the days when a Lamar Alexander can go to Washington, then come back every six years and tell Tennesseans how he represents them as a “down-home Tennessee conservative” without the voters having a way to know better. If you hate those averages, I assure you, so do the centrist/tepid conservative Chamber of Commerce shills in the Republican Party.

      • MARLE says:

        I am neither tepid nor centrist. A ratings system is a flawed as the weight given to each vote they consider. When Marsha wants to deport only those who have committed crimes un-associated with their illegal status, she is no conservative. When Green is disinterested in means testing of SS and Medicare, he is no conservative. But they are both staunch Trump lap dogs so I guess that counts for a lot.

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  • D. Richards says:

    Harshbarger is a waste of time and space. Her ads alone should get her license as a pharmacist suspended as they are not supported by anything like facts and are little more than repeating the word salad spew of Trump. Harshbarger needs to present verifiable FACTS in relation to her ads for Congress, and to clearly state what office she is running for in Congress. Do remember why her husband was convicted of a very serious crim. Maybe she has an axe to grind because she and her husband got caught.

  • Mark Hendrixson, MD says:

    Bob Harshbarger got convicted of using free market tactics not rubber stamped by the in-elected bureaucrats in the fda. Yes, he may have profited from his acquisition of the infusional iron, but as a consumer in THAT marketplace, I can tell you the margins are slim. In 2013, we were clearing $0.02 per dose of IV iron. It’s common for businesses to seek supplies for less to improve margins, but God for bid if it’s a “wealthy” health care professional that does it. We all no how well the FDA looks after America’s best interest in medical issues, eg having 80+% of our Antibiotics or components imported from China. Or the government allowing tainted dog food being imported and killing hundred of our companions or importing drywall laced with formaldehyde and sickening people all over the country. Better pay homage to the FDA.
    So the hypocrites and self righteous go ahead and impugn Bob Harshbarger, but be careful about throwing those stones. Oh, remember who you’re serving when you jump on the bandwagon for what our government does in international affairs. It’s those who lobby the hardest and who call up favors of those in power to preserve their MASSIVE wealth.

  • Well, maybe that’s what we need in government. A fresh start from people who haven’t been in the corrupt game their whole lives. So her husband committed a crime. She didnt. Her husband isnt running. She is. We need true conservatives in office to fix this mess. Why do we continue looking at the pool of people who have been there forever. We need some outsiders. New eyes. New ideas yes?

    • Bobbie Newell says:

      Melanie Christian Brown, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. NONE of us are responsible for anyone other than ourselves. We can’t control what others do. I did “early voting” yesterday and I voted for Diana Harshbarger. She will represent us well!!

  • Bertha Neal says:

    Who would claim her husband committed a crime and she knew nothing about it? What a joke!

  • Isaac Adams says:

    What I think, is we need a good ‘ole true conservative small business owner – man or woman – from Sevier County to represent us in East Tennessee. They understand small business pressures, how to meet payroll, deal with all sorts of diverse tourists and meet taxes.

  • John Trapp says:

    She has an ad that says people are rioting because they hate Trump. People aren’t rioting because they hate Trump. They are rioting because of the police brutality. Trump has nothing to do with the rioting. Where is she getting her information from?

  • B Keene says:

    I am so tired of people using Trump in their ads running for office. They need to stand on their own two feet and state their views and ideas. If you can’t then get out of the race!

  • B Vincent says:

    Most of you just have me sitting here scratching my head. As a true life long conservative, I am not interested in listening to or reading comments by people insulting each other. I just want to know the simple facts about each candidate… like what their voting record is on issues that are important to me(if they have a voting record), and what qualifications they have that would support they would have what it takes to support a conservative agenda and back our President. If you can’t have a civil discussion, you may just be a far left liberal, trying to muddy the waters.

  • William Ash says:

    It matters what her husband did while married to her.

    Do you want someone in that position that has demonstrated unawareness in her OWN home to have a hand in making law?
    How about the fact that her husband jeopardized their patients health to pad the pocket and she is still with him?
    I look to my spouse for advise, as most people in healthy relationships do…is her husband the kind of low ethics adviser you prefer?

    @ Mark Hendrickson MD,
    Yes we hold our medical professionals to a higher standard than dog food manufacturers as well we should.
    The FDA samples and oversees all regulated products and being such a wide variety it might take time to get to that next batch but eventually they do.
    2 percent profit I very much doubt, if you clear over 100k per year and yet are whining, get extra’re a doctor and apparently okay dokey with low ethics….

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