Bredesen touts role in sending Tennessee Guard to border

A new ad from Democrat Phil Bredesen’s Senate campaign touts his decision to send Tennessee National Guard troops to the border when he was governor in 2006.

“When the president said he needed help to secure the border, Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen didn’t wait to be asked. And he didn’t play any politics,” the narrator says in the ad. “Governor Bredesen took immediate action and sent 1,600 Tennessee National Guard volunteers to the border.”

The ad follows a commercial run by Republican Marsha Blackburn criticizing Bredesen for suggesting that a caravan of migrants doesn’t pose a security threat to the strongest country in the world. Blackburn’s ad says the caravan includes “gang members, known criminals, people from the Middle East. Possibly even terrorists.”


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  • James White says:

    Yet, Marsha “Deep State” Blackburn voted for Amnesty for Illegal aliens.

  • Bob Timmerman says:

    Bredesen has to climb aboard the Pander Express in order to keep a few independent minded Republican votes. But the risk is that he’ll lose even more from sane Democrats who don’t enjoy voting for men who contort themselves for political gain. I voted for Bredesen, and hope he makes us proud once Marsha is in our rear view mirror.

    • Eddie White says:

      Bredesen can’t win if he just gets sane Democrat votes. He also has to get independent and some Republican votes. Of course there will be a few nut cases who think Blackburn is too liberal and are supporting Bredesen.

  • Joe C. says:

    Phil Bredesen campaigning that he sent the Tennessee National Guard is a joke. In 2010 I passed HJR1253 recognizing Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s right as governor to protect Arizona from the invasion of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing over the border every year. Governor Bredesen refused to sign the resolution. Thank God we didn’t need his signature as I presented the resolution to Governor Brewer anyway. Tennesseans understand the right of sovereignty, the rule of law and the need to Stand Firm. This Bredesen ad is a joke.

    • Cannoneer2 says:

      Joe, thanks for what you did! Anyone who is halfway paying attention knows that Phil is prone to telling whoppers.

  • Donna Locke says:

    I will just mention again that most of the migrants storming our borders will be allowed in — because of our crazy asylum policies dictated by the UN and our clueless leaders. Just as about 500 “asylees” DAILY were allowed in in September, much like every other month for years.

    Of course, many illegal aliens and asylees, the latter with their temporary legal status and notice of a hearing but with no work permit, head straight to Tennessee, one of the states with no E-Verify requirement on all employers, thanks to our bought-and-paid-for legislature and governors. Tennessee does not require employers of fewer than 25 employees to do E-Verify. And those employers don’t have to verify any documents or claims by a prospective hire. So, most construction companies, roofing companies, restaurants, landscapers, and others do as they please, escaping accountability.

    Please reread and understand what I wrote here. Our federal government has not passed E-verify on all employers either.

    • Donna Locke says:

      And be aware that the constant tidal wave of migrants enables asylum seekers to game our system in many ways, including creating backlogs to hear their cases, so that, under nutty provisions in our immigration laws, they are able to get work permits, Social Security numbers, and everything else before their cases are even heard. With these legal documents, they are harder to deport if determined ineligible for asylum.

      We’re already getting about 17,000 asylum claimers every month without the caravans. The caravans will keep coming because illegal aliens are richly rewarded here, and there are dozens of ways to game our system. And they’ve been shown that if they can stay here a few years, they and/or their children will be amnestied.

      Regardless of legal status, if they birth a child here, the child/household becomes eligible for all welfare programs. Illegal aliens themselves are eligible for some welfare, including child tax credits, which are straight welfare.

      • Donna Locke says:

        In other words, this “caravan” is smaller than the caravans the Republicans and Democrats have been allowing in every month! For years!

        • MarLE says:

          Everything you said is true. Now that we supposedly have a Conservative Supreme Court birthright citizenship could be tested. Maybe that is why this was delayed until now (I am trying not to be cynical). The problem with immigration now vs waves from the past is 1) We are now a welfare state 2) too many from one country, language, and culture works against assimilation and provides a voting block for ethnic/cultural issues 3)our economy requires a level of language and educational sophistication. Who can’t see why immigration now can’t have the Statue of Liberty quote as its foundation.

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