Bredesen says attack ad is ‘full of flat-out lies’

Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen in a new ad denounces what he calls “flat-out lies” in a spot being run by the Americans for Prosperity, the political arm of the conservative Koch network.

Bredesen in the ad takes Republican candidate Marsha Blackburn to task for the content of the ad that claims Bredesen supported gas and sales tax increases while he was governor (Politifact on Thursday called those claims “false.”)

“Congresswoman Blackburn, you’ve been in Washington 16 years now and frankly this ad shows it,” Bredesen says in the spot. The Democrat’s campaign has alleged coordination between the AFP and the Blackburn camp since top aide was recorded telling a GOP crowd that he expected the outside group to be a major player in the campaign.

Here’s a full transcript of the ad:

Have you seen this ad? It’s full of flat-out lies. First, Andrea and I never even lived in the Governor’s Residence. We stayed in our own home while the Residence was restored for future governors. Second, I never raised either the gas tax or the sales tax. Congresswoman Blackburn, you’ve been in Washington 16 years now and frankly this ad shows it. We need some fresh air up there. And I’m applying for the job.

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  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Nope. Not lies. Maybe only half truths, but not lies. Bredesen is a Democrat. They raise taxes almost as much as Republicans

  • Donna Locke says:

    PolitiFact has a pronounced bias against the right and toward the left.

  • Donna Locke says:

    Encouraging and assisting illegal aliens to come to and to remain in Tennessee as Phil Bredesen did with his driving certificates — driver’s licenses — was a violation of federal law.

    I want to remind people again that while illegal aliens were getting Tennessee driver’s licenses, including Bredesen’s “certificates,” people in Pakistan and Pakistanis in London were doing searches on “Tennessee driver’s licenses” on my immigration-control Web site and other sites. I got a hacker to trace my hits when I noticed the foreign involvement. This was after the 2001 terrorist attacks. Bredesen kept those licenses going until national publicity about the fraud involved embarrassed him.

    We have permanent and ongoing damage and security concerns in this country from such foolishness. Bredesen can jump in a lake or a river with the Asian carp, as far as I am concerned.

    • James White says:

      Donna, you forget Marsha Blackburn supported, cosponsored, and voted FOR Amnesty for Illegal Aliens,. She has also voted for many omnibus Appropriations and increases in debt.

      • Donna Locke says:

        Mickey, Marsha sponsored and voted for a number of tough immigration-enforcement and -control bills after she got to Congress. Her fellow Republicans could not be counted on to support these. The hardliners on immigration enforcement are a minority in Congress. Many of them were willing to go along with the DACA amnesty in exchange for the tough measures they couldn’t get otherwise, especially after our top immigration-control orgs came out in favor of the trade. I don’t support amnesty and I oppose DACA, but I understand the thinking there, given what we have to work with in Congress and with Trump’s vacillations.

        I don’t agree with Marsha on everything, which should be obvious, given that I am “liberal” — actually limited-government conservative — on some social issues, but I’ve voted for her every chance I got, and I will again.

    • Tom Beasley says:

      I understand tracing an IP address down to location but how did your hacker determine the ethnicity of the users in London?

      • Donna Locke says:

        Tom, I used a hacker in the immigration-control movement out West whom I had been in contact with for a while. I asked him to do it. He e-mailed some of the paths he took and what he found. He traced to computers in London, got into the computers, and found communication between those computers and Pakistan. He was able to get into the communications enough to say it looked like Pakistanis. He had names. He found they were looking into airline tickets from London to the United States. He e-mailed the online stuff on the airline tickets they were looking at. They were searching on Tennessee driver’s licenses, which were going to illegal aliens at the time. If the London Pakistanis were British citizens, they could possibly come here without a problem because England was a visa waiver country.

        I e-mailed and posted what was found. This was years ago. Law enforcement officers, including INS, ICE, and some state and local law enforcement officers had contacted me privately years ago and were on my e-mail list. I have law enforcement officers in my family.

        The 2001 Tennessee DL law was passed while I was living in Georgia. I had begun contacting people in Tennessee, or they had found my Georgia or Tennessee Web sites. Some Tennessee driver’s license examiners were among the first to contact me in 2001 and told me details of what was going on.

  • Henry M. Walker says:

    Donna, the law creating driving certificates to be issued to illegals
    was enacted by Sundquist, not Bredesen.

    • Donna Locke says:

      Hey, Henry, what have you been up to? The Tennessee driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, the 2001 law eliminating the Social Security number requirement for DLs, happened under Republican Sundquist at the behest of the Farm Bureau and certain others. Democrats controlled the legislature, but a number of Republicans voted for it. Marsha Blackburn, a state legislator then, DID NOT vote for this and immediately, with Donna Rowland, led the effort to repeal it.

      The NYC terrorist attacks happened later that year. When Bredesen became Tennessee governor, the DLs for illegal aliens were unpopular and not only because of the terrorist illegal aliens who had used such gateway documents. Bredesen invented, he said, the idea of driving certificates for illegal aliens to replace the regular DLs illegals were getting. The legislature, still controlled by Democrats then, passed the certificates into law. I advised Republicans to vote for the certificates as an incremental step to getting rid of the licenses for illegals entirely, because I knew we were about to get a Republican majority in the legislature.

      Bredesen’s driving certificates were driver’s licenses and could be used as gateway documents in this country. Bredesen had to get rid of them because of the mess they caused.

      • Bob Fischer says:

        So your point is that Bredeson proposed, passed and instituted a solution to a problem created by republicans? Sounds like exactly what we need in Washington to me.

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  • Dan Gilley says:

    Why can’t a single Republican candidate run on his or her track record as a conservative these days and not depend on attack ads to win an election? I am a 68 year old life-long Republican who may do the unthinkable in November if my party cannot restore the kind of statesmanship and moral decency we were known for under Ronald Reagan, Howard Baker, Bill Frist, Zach Wamp, Fred Thompson, and so many others. Come on Marsha, take a lesson from these great Republicans on how to win an election with dignity and class. Please give me reason to think you can govern like the great Republicans who have come before you. We must hang on to the Senate, but with principle and honor.

  • Tab says:

    Any & every vote for Bredesen/Shumer/Pelosi endangers the Nation.

  • Sue Endsley says:

    Phil Bredesen was probably the best and most honest governor Tennessee has ever had. He is such a kind hearted gentleman that he had a problem with even telling the truth about Marsha Blackburn. His parents must have taught him that it was wrong to embarrass a woman. She, on the other hand, is about as bad as her “dream man”, the person who lives in the White House at the present time, no truth, no honesty, and no more values than a pack of howling dogs.

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