Bredesen digital ad features praise from Republicans

A new digital ad from Democrat Phil Bredesen’s Senate campaign features soundbites from Republicans heaping praise on the former governor.

The commentary comes from commentator Scottie Nell Hughes, U.S. Sen. Bob Corker (R-Chattanooga), U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-Chattanooga), former state Rep. Debra Maggart (R-Hendersonville), and former Reagan and Bush aide Bill Phillips.

Fleischmann issued a statement to the Tennessean to reiterate his wholehearted support for Republican candidate Marsha Blackburn.

Former Nashville Scene editor Steve Cavendish is unimpressed with Fleischmann’s response. “He can’t say Bredesen would be bad for the state,” Cavendish said on Twitter. “Only that he would support the other party.”

8 Responses to Bredesen digital ad features praise from Republicans

  • Eddie White says:

    The job/responsibilities of a governor and a senator are different. Phil Bredesen needs to be evaluated based on his desired job of a U.S Senator. In his role of senator, he will be voting on Supreme Court nominees, and Trump supported agenda items such as tax cuts. Fleischman is correct, what makes a good governor does not necessarily make a good senator.

  • Tennessee Jed says:

    Bredesen is one of the very few Dems that could ever get me to cross over. He will be an independent voice for Tennessee and is light years more preferable Comcast Money Mar$ha.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Still looking for skullduggery under every nook and cranny Jed! You’re a veritable Chief Inspector Clouseau. You’re probably right, since Bredesen is worth between $90 and $358 million you couldn’t reasonably charge him with skullduggery which will no doubt satisfy your highly sensitive sense of rectitude, the only problem is he will be voting liberal over 70% of the time and do whatever he can to negate the Republican agenda. Under these circumstances, the fact that as a Republican you can consider him “. . .light years more preferable. . .” to Marsha leaves me shaking my head in wonder.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    The Republican Party’s own greed and lack of principal will cause Marsha to lose. This is just the beginning of the pounding and she’s at a high point now at best. This is a sad time for America. A Dem Senate is a catastrophe

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Cheer up Phil, all is not lost. Marsha has a lifetime Heritage score of 82% while the average House Republican score is 65%. Marsha is obviously not the “Republican Party,” and she is going to replace Corker who has a miserable lifetime score of 64%.

      Marsha can easily differentiate herself from the average Republican because she’s simply much more conservative than the average House Republican. Thankfully we don’t vote for parties, we vote for individuals.

      • Phil Lassiter says:

        People are not making conservative choices

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          It’s a mixed bag. We have to remember that no Republican runs as a “centrist” or “moderate” in the Republican Primary. As far as the low information voters are concerned every candidate in the Republican Primary is a “conservative.” On the other hand, in recent years the Democratic Party has ceased to be a serious statewide political factor in Tennessee because thanks to Obama a majority of voters realize the Democratic Party has become too darn liberal for their tastes.

          Even Democrats running outside the two liberal ghettos run as “moderates” rather than “liberals” because liberalism is unmarketable in Tennessee. All Marsha has to do through skillful advertising is to call Trump voters’ attention to the fact that Bredesen was a Democrat in his early days in Massachusetts and has remained one to this very day. He was so originally because he was a liberal, he has never disavowed his liberalism and if he ever gets to the U. S. Senate he will happily vote to give Chuck Schumer control of the Senate where Chuck and Phil will do what they can to block Trump’s agenda.

  • Tennessee Voter says:

    I’d love to see Bredeson win, I know it won’t happen due to Tennessee always does things backwards. Money talks, Businesses in Tennessee get the most important vote here not us. I’ve been watching him since he started to campaign on broadband due to my job is in technology. Promoting the newer technology like fiber, to our state to expand. Let everyone have better access to the internet, attract more high tech manufacturing / industries to Tennessee is great to me. Removing barriers put in by businesses that want nothing more than to keep you paying $80 dollars a month for 1 mbps DSL because you are not “profitable” enough to upgrade your service. Making TVA stand to their mission statement of “Helping the people of Tennessee” by considering to update the TVA act. This is all stuff that I can stand behind for this man. My mother has worked for the state her whole life, she’s been a state employee. She told me that no governor was better to state employees than Bredeson. If my mother, whom is a state employee for 20+ years says this.. I’m voting for this man. He’s making a lot more sense to me than Marsha Blackburn who makes my skin crawl from reading the amount of money she accepts from private companies to keep the rural people of Tennessee kept in prehistoric times for technology so she can live in a mansion.

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