Bredesen launches final ads of Senate bid

Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen has launched what he is calling his final ads of the campaign. There’s a 60-second version and a 30-second version, but the message is essentially the same:

“You have a clear choice. If you like Washington the way it is, partisan shouting and finger-pointing, I’m not your guy,” Bredesen says in the longer ad. “Congresswoman Blackburn has been steeped in that Washington way for 16 years and is good at it. That’s not my world.”

See the full transcript and the shorter version of the spot after the jump:

This is the last commercial of my campaign. My whole career has been about being civil, being respectful of everyone, about putting aside partisanship and figuring out how to get things done.  In Nashville—revitalizing downtown, the Predators and Titans. As Governor, fixing the TennCare mess and getting us through eight balanced budgets with no income tax and no sales tax increase.
You have a clear choice. If you like Washington the way it is, partisan shouting and finger-pointing, I’m not your guy. Congresswoman Blackburn has been steeped in that Washington way for 16 years and is good at it. That’s not my world. I love fixing things. I want to fix health care, drug prices, the deficit; I want to work with the president but also be a check and balance on him. I want to bring some fresh air and fresh ideas up to the swamp. You’ve reviewed my resume and seen my application to be your Senator and now I’m asking you to hire me.  I’m ready to get to work.

You’ve been hearing me say it: I’m applying for the job to be your Senator. It’s your decision now. If you like Washington the way it is –partisan shouting, finger-pointing, special interests — I’m not your guy. But if you want results, some fresh air, some fresh ideas, I ask you to hire me. I love fixing things. I’ve got a track record of independence, of working across party lines, of getting things done, and I’m ready to get to work.

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  • James White says:

    Actually the last few Bredesen commercials have been pretty good. Marsha “Deep State” Blackburn, not so much.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    No, I’m sorry, I still think Bill Lee is more sanctimonious than Phil Bredesen though I have to admit Phil has given Lee one heck of a race. There’s ole Phil, lifelong supporter of liberal Democratic politicians whose own liberalism in office was tempered only by a weak Tennessee governorship and a strong conservative majority in the General Assembly just itching to get to Washington to help Trump fix things. Hopefully next Tuesday night we will learn that Tennessee voters simply aren’t that gullible.

    • James White says:

      The Republican Party may appear conservative by comparison to the Democrats, but under the Deep State wing of the Republican Party, it keeps moving to the left. But no matter how far the Republicans move to the left, the Democrats move ever further.
      In recent decades, the Americans have experienced an erosion of their rights – the right to own property, the right to life, the right to free speech, the right to freedom of religion, and many other rights – at the hands of those who don’t believe in the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    We will continue to have a two party system so the only way to solve the problem you describe is for those of us who are limited government/nationalists to take control of one of the two parties. Since the Democratic Party has been traditionally the party of expansive government/globalist ideology the Republican Party is the party that should be our target and the Republican primaries should be where we concentrate our efforts. Those efforts should take the form of our consistently supporting the candidates who are the most conservative who have a reasonable chance of winning. Election after election we should slowly but surely move the Republican Party to the right.

    This election is a perfect example of the fruits our efforts will bring. Marsha will be the most conservative senator Tennessee has had in modern times. In January joining Scott DesJarlais as a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus will be Mark Green in the Seventh and Tom Burchett in the Second. David Kustoff is already significantly to the right of Steven Fincher in the Eighth. Slowly but surely as the Democratic Party is moving left showing us the madness of left-wing politics as it goes, the Republican Party is moving right presenting the alternative which is precisely what is needed to give the American people an opportunity to rationally chart the direction in which they want this country to move.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Sorry, I don’t KNOW but if you do I would be interested in knowing. Guessing I would say that first of all Marsha was only a tepid conservative early in her career. I can remember when her Heritage scores were in the mid-70’s. As a result despite her recent scores well in the 80’s her lifetime score is only 82. The leaders of the Freedom Caucus for example, Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan have lifetime scores of 91 and 95 respectively. Second, Marsha is an ambitious lady and she was well aware that the center of gravity in the Tennessee Republican Party is tepid conservative and in the U. S. Congress the Republican leadership maintains an even cooler version of tepid conservative. She was determined to make her way up the leadership ranks in the House Republican caucus and at the same time she wanted to maintain cordial relations with the leadership of the Republican Party back in Tennessee if and when she decided to run for the Senate. Unfortunately, neither goal can be achieved up to now if you are a fire breathing conservative who calls attention to yourself as such through membership in the House Freedom Caucus. Again, I’m only guessing.

    • MarLE says:

      Most of your explanation has to do with Her assessment of how to advance Her own interests and how to position Herself for Her benefit and what is best for Her. I thank you for your honest evaluation.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        You are assuming that Marsha in her heart of hearts would like to be more conservative than her public record shows her to be but her ambition prevents her from doing so. We have no basis for drawing that conclusion. I don’t know what is in her heart of hearts. When she first ran for congress and when she served in the state senate she gave ME the impression she was a stronger conservative than she in fact turned out to be in the U. S. House. Of course, it could be that I was engaging in projection and I misinterpreted her statements. I was simply guessing why she wasn’t a member of the House Freedom Caucus.

        No matter. If Marsha is elected she will be one of the most conservative senators that I ever had and she will be by far the most conservative senator that Tennessee had in modern times. That’s good enough for me assuming that she simply continues voting the way she has in the U.S. House.

        • MarLE says:

          I drew that conclusion from the rationale YOU offered. Your explanation, not mine, pointed out the several considerations, all self-serving, that likely went into her decision not to be a member. And I do think you have to be invited. Was she….that was the question I asked and you never answered. You seem delighted that Green will be a member As If that meant something positive. Was she invited?

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            If you have to be invited I see no reason why she would be because her Heritage Action score has until very recently been too low – indeed in the 70’s for most of the time that she was in the House. I contribute to the House Freedom Caucus so if I remember I will give them a call and ask how one becomes a member.

            The only way to answer your question other than saying simply she is not ideologically conservative enough to join the House Freedom Caucus was to think of political rather than ideological reasons why she wouldn’t join. In contrasting her lifetime Heritage score with the scores of Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan that is the point I was trying to make which I should have stated clearly. It certainly could be that she simply is ideologically too moderate to want to join the Caucus.

            I am a very strong conservative so naturally I am delighted that Mark Green and Burchett will be new members of the House Freedom Caucus. The Caucus is the organization that seeks to move the Republican Party to the right so that it becomes a consistent voice of conservatism rather than a consistent voice of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce/Business Round Table so there are few things more positive than growing the membership of the HFC especially with members from my beloved State of Tennessee.

  • Donna Locke says:

    Reminds me of Mr. Fixit in the Richard Scarry books.

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