Bredesen launches 60-second ad touting independence

Democratic Senate candidate is launching a new 60-second ad touting his independence and turning back attacks from Republican Marsha Blackburn (who also features in the ad saying nice things about Bredesen as governor).

“I’m Phil Bredesen. You know me,” Bredesen says in the ad. “When I first ran for governor, they said I’d bring in an income tax. It was just a scare tactic. I proved them wrong. I kept my word.”

Bredesen then moves on to talking about how he had to tackle spiraling TennCare costs and shows a clip of Blackburn saying “Our governor has worked diligently to get the cost down.”

The Democrat concludes the ad by launching his own attack on Blackburn.

“Today, the new scare tactic isn’t an income tax — it’s that I’ll somehow be Chuck Schumer’s lap dog. I don’t even support him,” he says. “Nobody’s going to tell me how to vote. After 16 years, Congresswoman Blackburn has become Washington. I want to change Washington.”

2 Responses to Bredesen launches 60-second ad touting independence

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    If we could only devise a way for the conservative Tennessee General Assembly to have to approve the votes Phil will cast in the U. S. Senate if he is elected we can be certain that the Phil Bredesen we experienced as governor will be the same “moderate” guy that will be Tennessee’s U. S. Senator. Of course, that isn’t possible. Further, Phil will be 81 years old at the end of his first term in the Senate.

    BOTTOM LINE: Phil will probably be a one term Senator who will join the liberals he volunteered for before his involvement in Tennessee politics and who he has been financially supporting since his retirement, so I have no doubt he will be INDEPENDENT once he gets to Washington. INDEPENDENT that is, of the opinions and desires of the majority of people he is supposed to represent back in Tennessee.

  • Eddie White says:

    Phil Bredesen will be just like Doug Jones from Alabama. He will talk about voting independently, but just like Jones, he will vote with his party when he gets to the Senate. Look how Jones voted today.

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