Bredesen’s latest ad features Democrat at childhood home

In Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen’s latest ad, the former governor travels back to the upstate New York home and discusses growing up in the home of his grandmother, who worked as a seamstress and had 11 children.

“Washington is filled with educated, secure people who love telling the rest of us how to live. I want to turn this upside-down,” Bredesen says in the ad. “I want to tell Washington instead how we want to live and put them to work making it happen.”

Here’s the release from the Bredesen campaign:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. —  Bredesen for Senate today released a new TV and digital ad entitled “What We Want,” taking on the Washington establishment in keeping with his pledge to stand up for Tennesseans in the U.S. Senate.

Speaking outside the home where he grew up, Bredesen describes his upbringing, his family background, and his plan for bringing change to Washington. He tells voters:

This was my grandmother’s house. I grew up here. My grandmother finished sixth grade, was a seamstress, had 11 children, and her descendants are secretaries and nurses and factory workers and small-business owners. Washington is filled with educated, secure people who love telling the rest of us how to live. I want to turn this upside-down. I want to tell Washington instead how we want to live and put them to work making it happen.

“What We Want” was shot in rural upstate New York, where Bredesen was raised by his mother and grandmother. He moved to Nashville in the 1970s, finding success as a healthcare entrepreneur before serving as mayor of Nashville from 1991-99 and governor of Tennessee from 2003-11. “What We Want” is Bredesen for Senate’s sixth statewide TV and digital spot since March

17 Responses to Bredesen’s latest ad features Democrat at childhood home

  • MarLE says:

    Is he still chairman of a solar power company?

  • Silence Dogood says:

    Campaigning as a Conservative is the only way he can be competitive. We all know Democrats tell people how to live. If you disagree with them you are a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or a Russian spy. That garbage does not sell in Tennessee. What next? Pictures of VP Pence and him feeding the poor? President Trump calling Philbert a great citizen and worthy of our votes? Ludicrous.

    • Bob Fischer says:

      He’s not campaigning as a conservative. He’s campaigning as a mainstream Tennessee Democrat. Fell free to live your own way. Just don’t force it on me.

  • Eddie White says:

    Does that include supporting the tax cut that put more money in people’s paychecks?

    • Tennessee Jed says:

      Pennies for you and me and billions for the billionaires all while ballooning the deficit. Those tax cuts were fiscally irresponsible. I don’t know how any conservative could support them.

      • MarLE says:

        A lot of fiscal conservatives did not support them. Returning money to the people who pay the most makes sense. Returning money to only the entrepreneurs and not the paycheck earners (who make the same income) is something a lot of conservatives, including Ronald Reagan, do not/did not support. Reagan’s tax cuts went mostly to the rich, in dollar amount, b/c they pay the most. But it did not favor one group of rich over another group of rich. Selling this Tax Plan as a Reagan Plan was a bald faced lie.

        • Tennessee Jed says:

          Yep. Of course, people who pay more will get more back. It was designed poorly and wasn’t paired with spending cuts. We talk about balanced budgets all the time but as soon as “conservatives” are in power, they forget about the deficit and just give out tax breaks.

          This is why I am tired of swamp dwellers like Marsha. She talks the conservative game but doesn’t vote that way. Before someone says it, her Heritage score is meaningless. Heritage Foundation is a big money funded machine that has a financial interest in promoting tax decreases for its rich benefactors while continuing to spend at the same rate so those same individuals and corporations can win lucrative government contracts. They are not small-government conservatives.

          • MarLE says:

            Marsha’s Tax Plan helps 2 groups the most.
            1)Entrepreneurs, who unlike other earners get the first 20% of their income UNtaxed and the remainder taxed at a max rate of 25% (not the max rate of 37.5%)

            2) Unmarried Couples, with children, living together. An unmarried mother gets a standard deduction of $18K whereas a Married mother gets $12K. So a married couple $24K in total and any other Unmarried Couple (Lesbians, gays, straights) gets $30K in standard deductions.

            Tax Reform? The reason Bredesen will not be able to criticize her for this is that it probably sounds like perfection to a Democrat.

      • Eddie White says:

        I don’t think it is ever irresponsible to give hard working Americans some of their money back. I also think it helps to propel economic growth. I agree we need to reduce domestic, non-military spending, but I am tired of the argument that the only fiscally responsible thing to ever do is raise taxes. I guess it is fiscally responsible for those who don’t need a tax cut.

        • MarLE says:

          So we should give unmarried couples a $6K larger deduction than a married couple. Both earning the exact same dollar amount, both with the same number of children, both living on the same street. But the Republican Tax Reform gives the unwed a $6K deduction benefit. Are you kidding me? And this is ok b/c hard working unmarried living together need their money more than the married folk?

        • MarLE says:

          Eddie….never irresponsible to give hard working Americans some of their money back? How bout we give hard working, female, blue-eyed, blondes with high IQ’s a much bigger tax break than everyone else. Good? …

          • Donna Locke says:

            Make that hazel-eyed blondes, and I’m in.

            Well, white blonde these days. . . .

            It’s true they aren’t conservative, small-government action figures, or even aware of what they’re doing. And not doing.

            I often think about my ideal political party — one I would actually join. No one is interested in this, so I won’t describe it, but I dream.

  • Sharon says:

    No mention of the fact Bredesen now owns a $10M Phenom Jet.

  • Bob says:
  • Bob says:

    I posted a poll earlier today on the comments from Gravis Marketing that showed Blackburn up by 4 points. I wonder why it was deleted in moderation?

  • Bob Fischer says:

    It’s pretty interesting how y’all are trying to figure out how to dump the blame for this crappy tax bill and exploding deficit (a trillion a year is an impressive number, even for someone as incompetent as Blackburn) on Bredeson when Blackburn was the one in Washington trying to bankrupt our nation by sliding cash to her billionaire buddies.

    • MarLE says:

      If she can’t do anything about this on her own at least she can acknowledge what is wrong with what’s being done. When she calls for closing loopholes and then The House of Representatives gives us a bill with all the big loopholes left in….I want her to acknowledge (and possibly apologize for) the failure. When she campaigns with Trump on building a Wall that Mexico will pay for and then The House of Representatives wants taxpayers to pay for it….I want her to acknowledge (and possibly apologize for) the failure. When she calls for tax reform and The House of Representatives gives us more of the same Marriage Penalty crap….I want her to acknowledge (and possibly apologize for) the failure. When she calls for border security and not giving benefits to illegals and The House of Representatives gives us DACA amnesty…. I want her to acknowledge (and possibly apologize for) the failure. I understand Trump, who never ran as a fiscal or social conservative, reversing himself on nearly everything with bravado. I don’t expect this from someone trying to sell herself as a conservative Even If She Is Just One Person.

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