Bredesen camp: ‘Status-quo is panicking’

A memo from Phil Bredesen’s campaign manager Bob Corney warns of impending attacks from out-of-state dark money groups which he calls a sign that the “Washington status-quo is panicking” about the Democrat’s prospects in the U.S. Senate race.

“While our opponent and her backers aim to divide and scare Tennesseans with half-truths and misinformation, Governor Bredesen is committed to bringing people together and putting Tennessee first,” Corney said in the memo.

Here’s the full “State of the Tennessee U.S. Senate race” memo from Corney:

Governor Bredesen is now officially on the November 6 ballot to become Tennessee’s next United States Senator. While our campaign has been heads-down building an infrastructure of grassroots supporters in all corners of the state, Governor Bredesen has been on the road listening to Tennesseans of all political stripes about the issues they care about most — high cost of healthcare, quality jobs, ending the opioid epidemic, and bridging the digital divide. While solutions to these problems vary, one message is clear: Tennesseans are tired of the hyper-partisan shouting coming out of Washington and they’re ready to see Congress get things done.

Tennesseans spoke loud and clear: they are tired of Washington politicians and their divisive partisanship

The primary results reflect what Governor Bredesen has been hearing on the trail over the past seven months. Tennessee voters rejected the negative campaigns of the two best-funded GOP gubernatorial candidates and instead chose a candidate who offered a positive message.

Even with more than $50 million spent on the highly contested GOP gubernatorial primary alone, our opponent continues to struggle to coalesce Republican support. In fact, more than 100,000 Tennessee Republicans voted for the other candidate in the GOP Senate primary — someone who did not actively campaign and only raised $225.

Making matters worse for Marsha Blackburn is the fact that 25% of Republicans who voted in the Republican gubernatorial primary didn’t vote for her. This means that one-in-four of the most motivated Republican voters in Tennessee did not vote for Blackburn. It wasn’t lack of information or poor ballot position that hurt her; it was rejection by reliable Republican voters.

It is clear that Tennesseans are looking for something different than what we’ve been getting from Washington for the past 15 years since Blackburn went to Congress.

Governor Bredesen’s message of working together to get things done for Tennessee resonates with Democrats, Independents, and Republicans

Since Day 1, Governor Bredesen has made it clear that this campaign is open to anyone who is tired of the hyper-partisan squabbling and wants Congress to get back to the basics of getting things done like balancing budgets and paying our bills. He has been taking this common-sense message to all corners of the state, hosting brown-bag lunches with non-party affiliated groups to discuss health care and meeting with evangelical leaders in Middle Tennessee to discuss a values-based approach to fixing our immigration system.

Enthusiastic support for independent leadership is evident even as Governor Bredesen hosts events in some of the most conservative counties in the state. Recently, a Friday evening happy-hour reception in Williamson County — Marsha Blackburn’s home county — drew nearly 500 supporters. Election results reflect the enthusiasm we’re seeing in communities across the state. For example, Williamson County saw a 325% jump in participation in the Democratic primary since the last midterm election in 2014.

Looking Ahead: We will remain focused on Tennessee, tune out the negativity and be vigilant about misinformation in order to win in November

Governor Bredesen will continue focusing on issues like bridging the digital divide by empowering TVA to help bring high-speed internet to rural communities and boost economic opportunities, as well as championing local issues that don’t make the front pages of national newspapers — like the invasive Asian Carp fish species affecting Tennessee’s lakes and rivers, and creating headaches for anglers and the TWRA..

Finally, be aware: Out-of-state dark-money groups have pledged to spend more than $8 million to beat us with negativity. The Washington status-quo is panicking because our positive message is resonating with voters. While our opponent and her backers aim to divide and scare Tennesseans with half-truths and misinformation, Governor Bredesen is committed to bringing people together and putting Tennessee first. This is the kind of leadership Tennesseans are looking for and deserve. Governor Bredesen is ready to deliver again.

4 Responses to Bredesen camp: ‘Status-quo is panicking’

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    The fear is real

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  • Donna Locke says:

    TNInvestco continues to annoy me greatly.

    • Donna Locke says:

      Also, on another topic — health care — while we’ve seen there is an obscene amount of money in “managing claims,” have you noticed lately what your insurance company is paying the actual providers of your medical care? In many cases, it is not enough to cover costs. I’m not talking about prescriptions, which are through the roof, but about doctors, labs, etc.

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