Boyd likens himself to Donald Trump in new TV ad


Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd declared that he and President Donald Trump are “a lot alike” in a new TV ad that has the tag line: “Randy Boyd: A conservative businessman, not a professional politician.”

The Boyd ads have inspired commentary by Jackson Baker on the striking contrast between what is seen on TV and what is heard from the candidate when he’s before an audience and taking questions. An excerpt:

If all you saw of Boyd were his TV ads, which are loaded with hard-edged innuendo about the Second Amendment, potential welfare cheats, illegal immigrants, and Democrats’ alleged indifference to the porousness of our southern border, you would think: This guy is the right-winger of the race, more Trumpian than arch-conservative gubernatorial rival Diane Black (Boyd’s TV spots even imply an affinity for the president) and a leftover from the heyday of the Tennessee Tea Party.

… But listen to Boyd au naturel, as when this veteran of the Haslam administration and architect of such programs as Tennessee Promise and Drive to 55 discusses his ideas in forums and at stump speeches and fund-raisers, and all of that is turned on its head. What Boyd talks about instead is the kind of ameliorist, problem-solving approach you would expect to hear from a centrist Democrat or a moderate Republican.

…Boyd’s answers (at a recent Memphis event), like the questions, were thoughtful and precise and exuded more the aura of a seminar than of a strictly political event. Why, then, do his TV ads depict him as “Conservative Randy Boyd” and seem to concentrate on the talking points of today’s right-wing fringe? Go figure. His official answer to that question some weeks back was: “If I’m running to be the Republican nominee in Tennessee, I want Republican voters to see that I’m one of them.”


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  • Steve L. says:

    Vote Diane Black or Bill Lee. Never LaRaza Randy.

  • old woman voter says:

    I had considered voting for him, but not now. He’s gone over to the dark side. Right next to Diane Black.


    I feel we all understand people in political life (Politicians) often misstate facts, deliberately distort the truth, or downright lie to us. I absolutely hate it when I know they are doing that. (Granted I can also understand them not telling the WHOLE story or telling a “white” lie because I also feel we all may do that from time to time – like telling an accident victim “you are going to be fine” when deep down we don’t believe it ourselves.)

    When I first saw this commercial I was amazed or flabbergasted. When I saw it a second time I was sick to my stomach. I won’t see it a third time.

    For “La Raza Randy” to call himself a “conservative businessman, not a professional politician” to me is like Attila-the-Hun calling himself Mother Teresa. Boyd’s association with Governor Haslam goes back for years to Haslam’s time as mayor of Knoxville and Boyd’s time with Knox Archives. In 2013 Boyd purchased from the Haslams their share of the Tennessee Smokies baseball team. His association with the Governor got stronger when he (the Governor) appointed Boyd to be Commissioner of Economic and Community Development for the State of Tennessee. For Boyd to say he is “not a professional politician” is him admitting he was not very good at the job because he was and is “a politician.” It far stretches of the truth in that he says he was not “an elected politician” because he was not “elected” – he was appointed.

    What about his claim he is “a conservative businessman” . . . well he is a businessman. As for him being conservative you would have to judge for yourself. In 2012 he, in a large way, supported and raised money for Mitt Romney and has said “He (Romney) is someone I would aspire to be like, ….” In April 2015 Mike Gibson, when discussing politics with Randy Boyd in an article in the KNOXVILLE MURCURY, quotes Randy as saying “I’m probably the most hated, disrespected, untolerated political entity in existence, I’m a moderate.” In that interview he is also quoted as saying he rates himself as “a fiscal conservative (meaning he is a cheapskate unless he is spending your money) who believes that freedom should carry forward to social issues, too.” The interviewer also notes he is a staunch supporter of Common Core. [Editorial Comment: by reading between the lines, it would seem as if he believes that the liberal position on gay marriage, abortion, and etc. is the correct position.] In 2016 he (Boyd) was a supporter of and a fundraiser for Jeb Bush. We all remember Jeb as an adamant “Never Trumper”. In September 2016 it was reported the Randy and his wife, Jenny, donated $250,000 to Conexión Américas, an organization founded by Ms. Renata Soto. In 2015, Soto was elected as chairman of the board of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), an organization generously funded by George Soros. She had previously served as vice-president for three years. This donation has not been confirmed by the Boyds but in a letter dated September 15, 2016, Ms. Soto says
    “Dear friend, I can’t think of a better way to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month today than with sharing this news about Randy and Jenny Boyd’s historic investment in the expansion of Conexión Américas’ lauded culinary incubator and entrepreneurship program. Their $250,000 donation represents the single largest individual gift to Conexión Américas in our 14-year history.”
    So you be the judge – is Randy Boyd a Conservative?

    So now let us talk about the meat of this commercial when he is trying to place himself standing right along next to President Trump. Before the 2016 general election he disavowed Trump. On June 13, 2016 Carl Gervin, in an article in the NASHVILLE POST, reports that while at a conference held in Utah by Mitt Romney while discussing Trump and fundraising for his campaign Randy is quoted as saying “The idea of putting my name on anything is anathema to me.” I didn’t know what anathema meant so I Goggled it to find the definition. Here is what I found:
    Google’s Definition: “something or someone that one vehemently dislikes.”
    Merriam-Webster’s Definition: “someone or something intensely disliked or loathed – usually used as a predicate nominative.”
    Merriam-Webster’s Learners Definition: “someone or something that is very strongly disliked – usually a politician who is anathema to conservatives/liberals.”
    Cambridge University Press’s Definition: “something that is considered completely wrong and offensive.”

    Now here we are two years later and President Trump has done what he said he would do. His approval rating is on the rise and Tennesseans have a very favorable view of him. The “never Trumpers” have sulked back into their holes. Now our boy Randy wants to be standing beside Trump – what a hypocrite. How big of fools does he think we are? Not that big….

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Randy! will garner the votes of the centrists, most of the tepid conservatives and the Democrats who regularly vote in the Republican Primary so he is bound to be number one or two in the polls right before the election. Will everything you said in this article cause you to join me and simply support whoever has the best chance of beating Randy! in the Republican Primary? Will you join me in the ANYBODY BUT BOYD strategy?


    I am firmly in the A B B group and you can read that anyway you wish. I mean it both figuratively and literally.

  • Bob Fischer says:

    Ameliorist? Does that mean he knows how to use a dictionary?


    Bob, thank you for your thoughtful and witty reply. I see you understand the issue.

    • Bob Fischer says:

      I understand your issue. You’re ticked off because Randy Boyd is merely a conservative Republican and not a Nazi hell-bent on bending to a radical fascist agenda. That ticks you off. I get it.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      James, on another thread I’m getting confirmation of an earlier indication that Bob thinks Gannett and its papers like The Tennessean are ideologically right-wing. On this thread I see Bob thinks anyone to the right of Randy! Boyd is “. . .a Nazi hell-bent on bending to a radical fascist agenda.”

      I am grateful to Bob for this insight into his fevered mind and viewpoint. From now on I will try to limit my responses to his comments because frankly sometimes there’s simply no basis for discussion about much of anything.

  • Bob Fischer says:

    As a rule, Trump supporters are not smart enough to recognize nuance and any broad based appeal to the lesser nature of the mob will garner votes. It’s how Trump got elected and Boyd’s pretty smart. He sees that.

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