Boyd lands more lawmaker endorsements

Knoxville businessman Randy Boys has announced endorsements from four state senators and six state representatives in the Republican gubernatorial race.

Here’s the press release:

Nashville, Tenn. – Randy Boyd, Republican candidate for Governor, announced today another group of top legislators endorsing his campaign for Governor.

Senate members endorsing Boyd today include Sen. Steve Dickerson from Nashville, Sen. Ed Jackson from Jackson, Sen. Jon Lundberg from Bristol, and Sen. Shane Reeves from Murfreesboro.

House members endorsing Boyd today include Rep. Michael Curcio from Dickson, Rep. Martin Daniel from Knoxville, Rep. Ron Gant from Rossville, Rep. Gerald McCormick from Chattanooga, Rep. Bill Sanderson from Kenton, and Rep. Ron Travis from Dayton.

They join previously announced legislative endorsements for Boyd by Sen. Richard Briggs, Sen. Becky Massey, Rep. Kent Calfee, Rep. John Ragan, Rep. Cameron Sexton, and Rep. Eddie Smith.

In announcing his endorsement, former House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick said: “For me, it boils down to proven conservative leadership, both as a businessman and as a former state commissioner, and someone who has a bold, new vision for our state,” said McCormick. “Randy Boyd is the only candidate who meets both of these criteria, and I fully support him in this race.”

Recently, Boyd announced the support of more than 160 top business leaders across Tennessee, signaling growing momentum and support all across the state from both the public and the private sectors.

“During my time as Commissioner of Economic and Community Development, I established good working relationships with these legislative leaders and have been impressed with their steadfast commitment in keeping Tennessee a business-friendly, low tax state,” said Boyd. “I am thankful for their support and energized by our plans to work together in cutting taxes and red tape and making sure Tennessee remains the best place to live, work, and do business.”

“Each of these legislators works hard every day to represent their constituents, and I welcome their partnership to truly make Tennessee THE State of Opportunity for everyone in our state,” said Boyd.

14 Responses to Boyd lands more lawmaker endorsements

  • James White says:

    Randy Boys…. correct and delete comment please

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Finally, something good about the Randy! Boyd candidacy. With every Republican alleging that they are conservative at election time wouldn’t a list of centrists and tepid conservatives come in handy? Now we have one! All we need to do is consult the list of Randy! endorsers and barring extenuating circumstances we have our list of Republicans in need of conservative primary opponents.

  • Susan E Gingrich says:

    How many of them voted for the IMPROVE Act? Gas prices already rising, along with food prices, and another increase July 1st. The term conservative has been hijacked by too many TN politicians.

    • Mary Cook says:

      Susan so true, I am sick of the so called conservatives stealing this word. Makes me want to scream
      and cover my head they have no idea what conservative means. Look it up in dictionary if you can find one I like to say to them,

  • Bob Miles says:

    In my Conservative mind, there are no surprises when I see the names of the non-conservative republicans that are backing Boyd. There’s actually more than this, they just don’t want people to know it.

  • benton temple says:

    Representative Ron Gant who is also the treasurer for Congressman Blackburn is on the list. That’s the kind of endorsement that doesn’t happen unless Marsha’s campaign is ok with it. Very significant.

    • Mary Cook says:

      Can you believe this garbage, Marsha Blackman is no Conservative, her Democrat opponent is more
      conservative than she is,

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Mary, I share your disappointment over Marsha’s treasurer, or the guy next door for that matter, deciding to endorse Randy! Boyd for Governor but may I suggest that endorsement does nothing to tarnish Marsha’s conservative credentials. Over the last ten years Marsha has an 82% conservative rating – second best in the entire Tennessee delegation.

        As for Bredesen, before his wife dragged him to Tennessee in 1975 where he quickly realized that liberalism has a very limited appeal, Phil was in Massachusetts where he was an enthusiastic supporter on the left flank of the Democratic Party for Eugene McCarthy, Bobby Kennedy, and John Lindsay. Marsha Blackburn may not be as conservative as you would like but if you look at her life, NEVER in her least conservative moment would she be an enthusiast for McCarthy, Kennedy, or John Lindsay.

        Please don’t send Bredesen north again to join the leftists in the Senate Democratic Party. It’s not an environment that brings out the best in him.

  • Kyle says:

    La Raza Randy is not Conservative. He even admitted he was a moderate.

  • Mike S. says:

    Let’s get this straight. Randy Boyd gives Shane Reeves a tax payer funded $1 million ECD grant. Shane Reeves uses $500k to fund his state senate campaign. Shane Reeves endorses Randy Boyd for governor. Yup…that sounds about right.

  • Mary Cook says:

    Too bad the uninformed voters do not see this they just watch his phony campaign ads on TV

  • Steve L. says:

    In Tennessee we need to make it easier to “recall” the scum that lied to us with sweet conservative promises as they ran for office and then promptly forgot all about those promises after taking office. A recall vote process would be a perfect addition to term limits. How long do Corker & Alexander last if it was easier to do a recall election? The elected need to have more fear of their constituents.

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