Blackburn touts role in fighting state income tax

Marsha Blackburn in her latest 15-second digital ad touts her rule in fighting a state income tax proposal made by then-Gov. Don Sundquist, a fellow Republican.

“Here in Tennessee I fought my own party to stop a massive, job-killing state income tax,” Blackburn says in the ad. “And we stopped it. We won.”

13 Responses to Blackburn touts role in fighting state income tax

  • Cannoneer2 says:

    Resting on 20 year old laurels. I also find it amusing that the Williamson County Republican crowd just LOVED Don Sundquist right up until he proposed that income tax.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Cannoneer2, did you find it a knee slapper when the liberal Democratic crowd just loved Bill Clinton until he agreed with the Republicans on welfare reform?

  • Tennessee Jed says:

    So did Bredesen.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Come on Marsha!! Short memories here. No one cares. The issue is dead and gone and the pages turned and turned.

  • Tennessee Jed says:

    I guess you can’t put Comcast and Opioid industry stooge in a campaign commercial so she has to rely on 20-year-old material.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Jed’s going to vote to give Chuck Schumer and his band of leftists control of the U. S. Senate just because he thinks Marsha is too friendly with Comcast and the drug manufacturers, but he regards himself as a Republican. I can only hope the Democrats have at least one member with such a befuddled sense of priorities to balance things out.

      • MarLE says:

        Are you really calling someone befuddled? Really? YOU?

      • Tennessee Jed says:

        Stuart, I think you have me mistaken.

        1. Not a Republican. I would describe me as an independent conservative who generally votes for GOP. The partisanship where we root for our political party like they were a sports team is hurting this country. I am on America’s team…..not Team GOP.

        2. The single biggest issue for me is draining the swamp and ending the corruption that rots our political system. Get rid of the special interest money and you will start to see our government run more efficiently, naturally reduce in size, and deliver better outcomes with a more limited scope. That is why I was vehemently against D.C. Diane and why I will be against Blackburn. They represent everything that is wrong with the system.

        3. Schumer and the other more progressive Dems won’t be in control. In order to get anything done, they will need to have the approval of moderate Senators like Bredesen, Heitkamp, and Manchin. It is no different than the Republicans right now. They are controlled by what Collins, Murkowski, McCain, and Paul will agree to.

        • MarLE says:

          Stuart’s “logic” is all over the map. He made fun of Lee for contributing to moderates like Mitt Romney. Good grief….Marsha signed onto Mitt Romney’s 2008 campaign as a Senior advisor. This seems to be a good thing, now, just a week later. So, he has you mixed up. Among many other things!

  • Misty Pardner says:

    Goes to record dumbasses. Vote for Bredesen you f****** idiots. Oh wait, the Democrats are already using that one.

  • James Williams says:

    This Ad is LOL!. She should fire her campaign manager!

  • Donna Locke says:

    No state income tax is a mixed blessing as It Came From Detroit and It Came From California and It Came From Florida, etc., try to shoehorn themselves into this small state.

    TennCare had the same effect.

    I about fell out when I moved back here and started paying the sales tax, but it’s amazing what we get used to. . . .

  • MarLE says:

    No income taxes but plenty of other wealth taxes were left in place while Marsha was in the TN legislature. The Hall tax which also taxes INCOME and my personal fav, the TN version of the Death Tax remained until Haslam, and those left in the Legislature after Marsha and Diane moved on, set about to end them.

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