Blackburn takes aim at Bredesen over immigration

Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn speaks at a business forum in Nashville on Aug. 15, 2018 (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn is taking aim at Democratic opponent Phil Bredesen in an an opinion piece published on the website of The Hill newspaper in Washington.

“As governor, Phil Bredesen adopted policies that encouraged illegal immigration,” Blackburn writes in the piece, citing his support for a driver certificate program for people in the country illegally in 2004. What she doesn’t mention is that Bredesen introduced the measure to dial back a full driver’s license program that had been championed by his Republican predecessor, Don Sundquist, who is now a Blackburn supporter. Blackburn herself had voted against the driver’s licenses bill, but had left for Congress by the time certificate measure was introduced.

The bill creating the certificates (which carried prominent markings that they were meant only for driving and “not valid for identification”) passed the Senate on a 32-0 vote and the House 96-2, meaning it had nearly full GOP support (including from Senate Speaker Randy McNally, former Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey, Knox County mayor and GOP congressional nominee Tim Burchett, former state Sen. Mae Beavers, state House Majority Leader Glen Casada, House Speaker Beth Harwell, Secretary of State Tre Hargett, and Family Action Council of Tennessee President David Fowler.)

The driver certificate program was abandoned two years later after federal investigators uncovered a burgeoning black market for them.

Blackburn wrote in the opinion piece that she opposed the measures because they “openly rewarded illegal immigration and undermined the hard work of those who entered our country lawfully. Moreover, it made Tennessee a magnet for illegal immigrants.”

It’s not surprising that Phil Bredesen also opposes securing the southern border. He’s spoken out against the wall, saying that it’s just political theater. He says he’s tired of ‘nibbling around the edges’ and wants to get back to big projects. What better way to start than by building the wall. Securing our border isn’t political theater; it’s enforcing the laws of a sovereign nation, and it’s a vital step to keep Americans safe. — Blackburn in The Hill


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  • cjmcd says:

    I’m becoming disenchanted with Ms. Blackburn. She tells half the stroy often and it is always the half that praises her.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      I am happy that you are now for the first time becoming an informed citizen by taking an interest in politics. After you have a little more experience you will note that candidates in the limited space and/or time allotted to them when addressing the public will pick and choose those only those facts most favorable to their candidacy and leave it to their opponents or unsympathetic reporters to give exculpatory explanations. It’s simply the nature of the game.

      My only hope is that you don’t allow these political tactics that are an ordinary part campaigning to cause you such distress that it drives you to desperate measures. For example, in this senate race unless you are a liberal I hope that your disenchantment with Marsha’s campaign doesn’t drive you to vote to give the left-wing Democrats control of the U. S. Senate by your voting for Bredesen.

      • MarLE says:

        When you leave it the opponents, Stuart, to reveal the “rest of the story” that the politicians never quite get around to telling~ why at that point everyone of them now shout “FAKE NEWS”

  • MarLE says:

    Wasn’t the House (where Marsha was), the Senate, and the Presidency controlled for a critical 4 yrs during the Bush admin? What happened to our immigration InVasion of our Southern border during those years.??? We got to 20 M unidentified, illegal immigrants because no one in office cared to do anything about it for the years when tepid Republicans could have gotten this under control

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      It would be best MarLE if you didn’t leave the reader with such a feeling of hopelessness by saying “. . .no one in office cared to anything about it. . .” when in fact there are always conservatives in congress like Marsha Blackburn who would love to do something about it. Unfortunately, Bush and the Republican leadership in Congress were U. S. Chamber of Commerce cheap labor advocates rather than conservative advocates which led me to not vote for Bush for reelection. There’s simply no problem that can’t be fixed if we only elected a conservative President (which Trump is not a bad imitation of) and a conservative majority in Congress.

      • Bob Fischer says:

        Marsha’s a joke. Illegal immigration is at a thirty year low and had Trump continued Obama’s policy of working with Mexico and Central Americans it would have continued to drop. This is Kabuki theatre. Trump has no interest in solving this problem. We all know he can’t build a wall down the middle of a river. What he needs, and Marsha needs is someone they can vent their hate upon. That is why she’s doing her best to make this an issue. She’s got nothing. Furthermore, they hold the House and Senate now. They’ve failed at this project. So a vote for Marsha is a vote for continued failure.

      • MarLE says:

        Come on Stuart….you can’t get something done, as a Leader, when all the lights are green? Maybe we need to do what I envision decades ago. Bring everyone of these folks to reside 11 months per yr in their home state/district and let them phone it in. They have a million excuses of why, even with green lights, they can’t get this or that done. Could they be less effective working in their home state offices. At least we’d run into them constantly around town and maybe help them grow a spine.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          Your idea also has the advantage that it will logistically make them harder to get to by lobbyists, but no matter, it’s not going to happen. They’re simply not going to make life any more difficult for themselves because there is no particular pressure for them to do so without which it is simply contra human nature to gratuitously make life more difficult.

          I’m afraid there is no substitute for each conservative supporting the most ideologically committed conservative for every major office at election time and vowing not get distracted by election campaigns that are devoted to distracting us. Further, every winning candidate who disappoints us should be assured of a well funded conservative primary opponent in the Republican primary when the officeholder runs for reelection.

          The only way conservatives get a more responsive Republican Party is by electing more real conservatives and striking fear in the hearts of centrists and tepid conservatives who manage to slip through the cracks. That’s the way the liberals do it in the Democratic Party and look how well it works for them ignoring, of course, the fairytales the Bredesen campaign wants to tell about “moderate Democrats.”

          • MarLE says:

            As you know there was no opponent to speak of in the primary. She is THE party candidate and that alone is concerning

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Marsha has served in the U.S. House since 2003 where she has a “perfect” lifetime Heritage Action score of 82% and a “perfect” lifetime Club For Growth score of 90%. “Perfect” insofar as the former represents a dramatic improvement over Corker’s 64% and is conservative enough for me but not too conservative for the more tepid conservatives. The latter is “perfect” when combined with the former for all those who consider themselves economic conservatives more than social conservatives.

            There only one who expressed an interest in running for the office upon the retirement of Corker was Steven Fincher who was the very model of a go along get along tepid conservative who thankfully ended his hopeless candidacy very early in the game. The only thing to be concerned about is whether Bredesen will be successful with his Operation Distraction in which he seeks to distract the voters from the only issue in this campaign, whether they will vote to place the U. S. Senate in the hands of the ultra liberal Democrats by voting for Bredesen or keep the Senate in the hands of Republicans by voting for Marsha.

          • MarLE says:

            I just looked at the Club for Growth’s 10 criteria and I see 3 that Marsha should have received a “O” on. Club F G calls for term limits of 3 for Congressmen. It calls for limiting spending. And it calls for Tax ReForm that has a Fair of Flat tax as its goal. This last tax plan is about as unlike a flat or F-A-I-R tax as you could get!!!!

  • James White says:

    Marsha Blackburn encouraged, supports and cosponsors bills that grant Illegal Aliens Amnesty.
    It appears that she “openly rewarded illegal immigration…”.

  • Bob Fischer says:

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