Blackburn statement on winning Senate nomination

Marsha Blackburn statement on winning the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate:

Chuck and I are so grateful for the support shown to our campaign by so many volunteers from across the state. Today is a milestone and the beginning of the general election, and I am so grateful you are entrusting me with the Republican nomination for United States Senate. We ask for your continued support as we work to earn every single vote and win in November.

6 Responses to Blackburn statement on winning Senate nomination

  • James White says:

    Too bad Marsha does not continue to support the Constitution.

  • Dr Arthur W Carpenter says:

    A vote for Marsha in the fall will be a vote for a free and prosperous America. A vote for the Democrat will be a vote for no borders, no prosperity, and the death of individual liberty as the last hope of humanity, the USA, falls to the Globalist tyranny they have planned for us all.

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