Dems blast Blackburn for links to tea party figure who had law license suspended

Democrats are blasting Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn for her links to a tea party leader who had his law license suspended by the Tennessee Supreme Court last week.

Judson Phillips, the founder of Tea Party Nation and an enthusiastic Blackburn supporter, had his law license yanked by the state Supreme Court’s board of professional responsibility on the basis that he “poses a threat of substantial harm to the public” if he is allowed to continue to practice. The Democrats’ coordinated Tennessee Victory 2018 campaign called on Blackburn to disavow Phillips.

“While Marsha Blackburn was harping over old tweets and bad jokes last week, the Supreme Court was busy suspending the law license of her most ardent and radical supporter, Judson Phillips,” spokesman Mark Brown, who wrote the tweets that Republicans have making great hay out of, said in a release. “If Blackburn doesn’t reject the endorsement of Phillips and his Tea Party Nation, she’s turning a blind eye to their extremist and now, according to the State of Tennessee, illegal activities.”

Here’s the full release:

NASHVILLE, TN — Tennessee Victory 2018 today called on Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn to disavow and reject the endorsement of disgraced attorney Judson Phillips, founder of the radical hate group Tea Party Nation.

The Tennessee Supreme Court’s Board of Professional Responsibility on Aug. 8 ruled that Phillips — who endorsed Blackburn’s Senate candidacy in February“poses a threat of substantial harm to the public” following investigations of misconduct against at least 18 clients.

Phillips is a longtime Blackburn confidante and supporter who penned a 2014 op-ed in the Washington Times promoting Blackburn as a candidate for U.S. House speaker. He founded Tea Party Nation, an extremist splinter wing designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Among countless bizarre positions, Phillips and Tea Party Nation argued to disenfranchise voters who don’t own property and urged tea party members to blame liberals for the attempted assassination of former Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

‘While Marsha Blackburn was harping over old tweets and bad jokes last week, the Supreme Court was busy suspending the law license of her most ardent and radical supporter, Judson Phillips,’ Mark Brown, spokesman for Tennessee Victory 2018, said. ‘If Blackburn doesn’t reject the endorsement of Phillips and his Tea Party Nation, she’s turning a blind eye to their extremist and now, according to the State of Tennessee, illegal activities.’

This isn’t the first time Phillips publicly embarrassed Blackburn. In 2010, she enthusiastically agreed to speak at a political convention that Phillips was organizing. But intra-party backlash over Phillips’ attempts to make money off the event forced her to back out. In 2012, a Las Vegas judge ordered Phillips to pay $748,000 in restitution after backing out of a political convention deal with the Venetian Casino Resort.

Phillips is a regular columnist for the right-wing web site Tennessee Star. In April, he endorsed losing gubernatorial candidate Diane Black while disparaging businessman Bill Lee, the eventual winner.

18 Responses to Dems blast Blackburn for links to tea party figure who had law license suspended

  • Arnold Tayes says:

    Well let’s see, Obama and his wife(?) Michelle had their licenses suspended, as did Bill and Hillary Clinton

  • Susan E Gingrich says:

    For every tea party leader or member who gets into legal trouble there are 10 liberal democrats who should. Marsha Blackburn had nothing to do with what Phillip’s did. The MSM has different reporting standards for individuals it doesn’t agree with politically. Patriots reclaim our country before it is too late!

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Right! Let’s talk about ANYTHING other than the fact that a vote for Bredesen is a vote to put the U.S. Senate under the control of Chuck Schumer and his band of far left Democrats. I’m afraid we’re going to be treated to Operation Distraction by the Bredesen campaign between now and election day in November.

    • MarLE says:

      Keep repeating all day, every day til November, Stuart. Marsha’s highest (and perhaps only) real recommendation is that she is not a Democrat. It is what sold me on Trump Nov 2016

  • Lance Persson says:

    A petty issue. Typical of the Democratic party. Try to make something out of nothing.

  • JIM GARRETT says:

    Stuart, you are correct. We all should be prepared for a “distraction-a-day” from now until November 7th. Well actually it won’t come daily – they will wait three days for the news cycle to run its course. You can count on the distractions to be relentless and ever pressing. They may have a grain of truth in them and that is a big MAY, none the less, they will be a lot of smoke and mirrors – much to do about nothing. What we used to say was making mountains out of mole hills.

  • JIM GARRETT says:

    And, yes, I deliberately picked November 7th. I know and you know the election is on November 6th. But those who are going to distract and lie to us about the campaign will also spend the next day lying about the results.

  • Christina Norris says:

    Governor Bredesen runs as a Democrat but serves as an Independent. That’s what he did as Governor and what he’ll do in the Senate. He’ll do what’s good for Tennessee, unlike Marsha, who’s controlled by Special Interests, such as Big Pharma.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      “[S]erves as an Independent?” Let’s flesh that out before the campaign gets any older. Bredesen followed his wife down here from Massachusetts where upon graduating from Harvard he volunteered for Eugene McCarthy in New Hampshire, then for Robert Kennedy and finally for John Lindsay when he ran for Mayor of New York City. As you can see, Phil was a very liberal young man indeed.

      It didn’t require a degree from Harvard for Phil to realize upon arriving in Tennessee that being a McCarthy-Kennedy-Lindsay Democrat was no way for an ambitious politician to get ahead in Tennessee so upon becoming Mayor of Nashville he set about being a ministerial rather than an ideological officeholder. That was simply smart politics for a man who had his sights set on the governorship of the state. Of course, he was still a Massachusetts liberal so as mayor he did raise Nashville property taxes three times in his one term. Again, upon being elected governor Bredesen knew that he faced a conservative legislature that could override his vetoes by a simple majority vote so he wisely concentrated on programs that would win Republican support.

      Now you want to send Bredesen to the U.S. Senate for what will probably be one six year term, considering his age, where he will most definitely “serve as” a Democrat by voting for Chuck Schumer to be Leader and his Democratic colleagues to control every committee in the Senate. Once in the Senate he will be “Independent” alright, independent of the conservatism of Tennesseans that has been holding him back for so many years.

      Surely, Christina, you don’t seriously think that Phil wants to go to Washington to regularly vote against the Democratic liberal agenda. How aggravatingly liberal will Phil be, I’ll let you speculate but as for me, I prefer not to find out so I will simply vote for Marsha and relax.

  • Donna Locke says:

    “Tea Party” is a dirty phrase now, thanks to the corruption of the simple original effort, which was hijacked by religionists and people such as Judson Phillips early on.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Republican establishment is corrupt and cowardly. It’s up to conservatives to elect Marsha. We have to do the heavy lifting

  • JIM GARRETT says:

    This is going to be fun!

  • Bob Fischer says:

    If the citizens of Tennessee want the deficit lowered, healthcare reform addressed, exploding education costs dealt with, pension reform taken up, and sane agriculture and trade policies restored, they will vote for Bredeson. If they want more fairy tale government that does nothing more than waste money and deal with imaginary issues, they’ll vote for Blackburn. Blackburn, she’ll give your hard earned tax dollars to her rich buddies and chuckle at you for what a sucker you are.

    • MarLE says:

      Bob…..deficit lowered by raising taxes? Healthcare reform by means testing Medicare? And you think a Dem is going to get control of Education spending in a cost cutting measure, especially with pension reform???

  • Doris Raskin says:

    Congressman Blackburn did nothing NOTHING in Congress. More of the same swamp? I’d rather have an independent thinker. Bredesen is the only candidate in modern history to carry every county in the state to be reelected. That’s because he works for the people. Bob Corker is his friend. Corker will not endorse the Republican candidate. Quit acting like youre blind and dumb. Think about what you’re doing when you vote for someone just because they say they’re Republican. We need action, not another do nothing Congress

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