Black says legislature should reject in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants (Update: Lee ditto)

Press release from Diane Black campaign

Nashville, Tenn. – Today, Diane Black released the following statement on the in-state tuition bill currently being debated by the state legislature, which would allow in-state tuition for illegal immigrants:

“I have said many times that if the state legislature were to pass a bill providing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, I would veto it. In-state tuition is a benefit provided to legal residents of our state, and it should stay that way.

“Too many times, so-called conservatives get elected promising to fight against liberal policies, only to embrace them once in office. It’s a shame to see our state legislature do just that, particularly without real debate or even a recorded vote in committee. It’s time for the true conservatives in the legislature to stand up and say no.”

UPDATE/Note: Bill Lee voices similar sentiments in a statement to Tennessee Star:

While I have deep compassion for any young person facing challenges, I believe a governor’s primary duty is to enforce and defend the rule of law. And extending a taxpayer-funded benefit to illegal immigrants that we would not extend to an American citizen makes the problem that congress has left to the states even worse. For those reasons, I would veto this bill.

At the same time, The Star also has an article bearing this headline: GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Randy Boyd Still Retains Appointment to Obama-created Board Helping Illegal Immigrants Get Free College Tuition. Hmm… just might mean a candidate preference here? Or maybe just a non-preference.

16 Responses to Black says legislature should reject in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants (Update: Lee ditto)

  • Leslie Parsley says:

    Wish the woman would name names and cite sources.

  • Donna Locke says:

    Diane gets it. Compromising with the problem has caused the mess we’re in with illegal migration.

    Trump is wrong on DACA/Dreamers. Enforce the law. Any change to legal status of illegal aliens simply leads to more amnesties for millions more. This has been the pattern, and the strategy by those behind these moves covered by crying towels. Out-of-control mass immigration and consequent overpopulation are the death knells for our nation. Destroying our nation through misguided compassion does no future human any favors. We are going to lose our European allies to the same situation.

    By the way, for many months I tried to get anti-DACA op-eds and letters into The Tennessean to balance its bombardment of pro-amnesty stuff, and I was censored out by David Plazas. Not one op-ed opposing the DACA amnesty has been published by The Tennessean over the past year or more, if ever.

  • Tommy McAnally says:

    How do I make a press release?

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Why don’t you do something VERY, VERY politically correct in public and let the press know about it beforehand. How about a hunger strike in some park (when the weather turns a bit warmer) until the government passes gun control so stringent that every law abiding citizen no longer has a gun? You know, something fashionably stupid and self-defeating like that. The media can’t resist that stuff.

  • Tommy McAnally says:

    Haslam and Harrell is behind this. Elect Tommy Ray McAnally Governor.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Tommy, if on election day the polls indicate you have the best chance of beating Randy! Boyd I will be happy to vote for you because its ANYBODY BUT BOYD.

      • Tommy Ray McAnally says:

        Thanks Stuart if you and rest of the people vote for me and I take charge of this state. Illegals, drugs, pot holes crime will be gone. Stuart this is the only chance for a middle class tax payer like me to win . We got them beat just elect me November 2018. The Tennessee Legislative body is sadly run by lobbyist, big money, special interest if anyone thinks differently I think your badly mistaken. All of this will be over January 2019. By the way I have seen our State Representative of 47th District Judd Matheny one time. Also lets let the big money know how second place feels like.

  • David Collins says:

    Stupid positions like this is why it would be such a travesty for Black to be elected Governor. As it is, she is one of 435 and can’t do a tremendous amount of damage where she is. Why these people who want to be known as “conservatives” want to punish the children for what they see is the sins of their parents makes no sense. It is a mean spirited attitude by this group that I bet you a dollar to a doughnut claim to be “Christians” also. “Mass immigration” will be the death knell for our nation? Didn’t work out that way when this country was founded. . . by immigrants.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Our country was founded by SETTLERS, not immigrants. The word “immigrant” implies coming into a country in which one isn’t a native for permanent residence. There was no country when our founders first landed. Eventually, the British, Spanish and French established colonies in what is now the U.S.A. so people who came here were then immigrants, but they did not break the law. On the contrary, they were encouraged to come and help settle the land but, as the song teaches, “. . .that was yesterday, and yesterday’s gone.”

      Punishing children for the sins of their parents is a well established consequence for lawlessness. Our jails hold many an American lawbreaker with children, including of course, women. Having children is no defense against incarceration. If that’s what we do to Americans why should foreign law breakers be any different? The way for illegal aliens to avoid this consequence is to stay the heck out of our country unless they are permitted to enter.

      I hope this clears things up for you.

  • James White says:

    David, our country was founded by Americans and LEGAL Immigrants.

  • Tommy Ray McAnally says:

    Folks this legislation about the illegals free tuition is a nobraiiner. Ask Black about the Fitzgerald Brothers donations of $225,000 dollars.

  • Donna Locke says:

    David, was a national welfare system/magnet in place then? You know, something all the taxpayers were forced to pay for but that most were shut out of while legal immigrants and illegal alien households glommed on to such programs in numbers exceeding the numbers of native-born citizens using the same programs — like now? Were less than half of the adults forced to pay federal income taxes and prop up everyone else, including illegal aliens and legal immigrants?

    Do you think the early American revolutionaries would think today’s inequities are just fine?

    Do you think Tennessee should allow my grandchildren in Atlanta to get in-state tuition here? Why not? Their grandparents and one of their parents were born in Tennessee, their grandparents live here, and one of their parents is a victim of U.S. immigration policy, having been nearly killed by an undeported illegal-alien driver. Bring it on. Make this equitable.

  • John I’m Done says:

    Really stuart. Settlers? Not native? Exactly. Those “settlers” were immigrants according to your own definition because they werent native. Not a country? Use your multigenerational immigrant brain! We are all immigrants! Why? BECAUSE WE ARE NOT NATIVE AMERICANS

  • James White says:

    Even Native Americans were immigrants at one time.

  • Eddie White says:

    This a a tough issue for me. I understand the argument about not rewarding illegal immigrants, however I have come to the conclusion that allowing children who had no say in being brought to the US by their parents to be charged in-state tuition is the right thing to do. They are not eligible for any financial aid, so why not at least give them the opportunity to pay in-state tuition. I don’t think that makes a person soft on immigration. That is just having a little compassion for kids.

  • Tommy Ray McAnally says:

    Diane Black,or Beth Harwell if anyone believes anything these two women are talking about I think you are on opioids or need them.

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