Black mailer depicts Lee with “Three Liberalteers”

A new mailer from Diane Black’s gubernatorial campaign picks up the theme that Republican rival Bill Lee once gave money to three Democrats: former Gov. Phil Bredesen and former Nashville Mayors Karl Dean and Megan Barry, who are labeled “The Three Liberalteers.” The mailer says Lee “bankrolls liberal Democrats.” What it doesn’t say is that Lee gave a combined $1,750 to Bredesen, Dean, and Barry. Hardly solely responsible for any of those bids afloat, but that doesn’t factor into the increasingly bitter Republican primary campaign.

So will this mailer change any minds?

21 Responses to Black mailer depicts Lee with “Three Liberalteers”

  • Donna Locke says:

    Opposing the civil rights and individual private choices of LGBT people is not conservative. Trying to impose one’s religious views on others is not conservative.

    I am supporting Diane Black, but I don’t like this in her campaign or in other campaigns, such as what we’ve been subjected to in the state rep races in Maury County.

    I would suggest reading the U.S. Constitution and then learning what true conservatism is.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Donna, insofar as it looks as though Diane is most likely to defeat Randy! we are both on the same side so hearing this from me may make this a little easier. I don’t know what you call “civil rights” but property rights are guaranteed in our constitution. Selling your property or not, and using your property in a way that you think best so long as it doesn’t interfere with your neighbor’s property rights is a fundamental conservative principle. LGBT people should have their right of privacy but not the right to change societal institutions just because they don’t like them or find them offensive.
      If reading the constitution and listening to the mainstream media is leading you astray I suggest you stop doing both and concentrate on electing Diane.

    • Bob Fischer says:

      The US Constitution is not exactly a conservative document. It is based on the idea that the primary purpose of government is to tax at a rate appropriate to fund government services, provide to the general welfare of the populace (food, education, healthcare, and stipends for children and the elderly come to mind directly) provide for the common defense and regulate commerce. It’s not exactly what conservatives claim it is. It provides for a Democratic Socialist form of government much like Sanders advocates, while essentially directing that someone like Trump be impeached. It’s a pretty direct document.

      • MarLE says:

        The general welfare mean funding That which is used by the general population. Funding the courts, the highways, and any other program that ALL of the people are eligible to use regardless of income or assets. I have yet to be allowed to get Medicaid or food stamps or public housing. But I can use the libraries, the roads, the courts, police protection, military protection etc. THAT is the general welfare. NOT “Welfare” with a capital W and restricted to most of us.

        • Bob Fischer says:

          You’re wrong, but entitled to your opinion. Healthcare, education, and access to food to prevent famine are all general welfare. You should really brush up on your history and civics.

  • James White says:

    Well, at least Lee didn’t cosponsor and vote for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens and a National Biometric ID. Diane did.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Jed, it is a little late in the day insofar as we are in the early voting period where we are supposed to choose our next Governor to begin a discussion about interracial marriage. The constitution provides that laws regarding marriage are not one of the enumerated powers of the federal government so when the constitution was written I’m inclined to believe interracial marriage was legal in some states and illegal in others but admittedly I’m not sure and I don’t care. I am a libertarian so I want the government to involve itself in as few things as possible including deciding what man and woman may marry each other.

    As for Diane, the Supreme Court has already ruled that laws against interracial marriage are unconstitutional, so Diane can’t help pass such a law, I sincerely doubt she wants to pass such a law, and she certainly wouldn’t publicly admit she is in favor of such a law so you don’t really know and with all the other issues to be concerned with I can’t believe you really care. Now please stop looking for an excuse to not vote for Diane and just go ahead and do so before you have a guilty conscience for not doing everything you can to prevent a Governor Randy! from being inflicted on us.

  • David Janeway says:

    “Trying to impose one’s religious views on others is not conservative”. Are you kidding me????

  • David Janeway says:

    Whatever happened to vote for the best candidate without the whole R vs D stuff? This is a mean and hateful Ad! I am still undecided, but I know who I won’t be voting for now!

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Indeed, voting for the “best candidate” is a rather subject undertaking. This is a stupid add, however, there is nothing mean and hateful about it. The way you throw around the words “mean” and “hateful” I question whether you are a Republican much less a conservative because this is not the type of whining that a conservative Republican usually engages in when coming across something stupid or even simply annoying.

      Just to be clear, the add is stupid because Bill Lee has already given a perfectly plausible explanation of the purpose behind these contributions to Democrats viz. they were made for business purposes which fits Bill Lee perfectly. Before deciding that being governor would be fun so he would try to buy the position, there is no evidence that Bill Lee had the slightest interest in politics that didn’t immediately effect his business like badgering the Williamson County Commission for a tax break. It is therefore unreasonable to ascribe these donations to some subversive liberal intent. Of course, in his defense Lee proudly proclaimed that over 90% of his total political contributions went to Republicans as some sort of evidence as to what a great Republican he has always been. Well, yes and no. Yes Lee did make those contributions to Republicans but no, they don’t show that he has always been a great Republican. Actually, they are the other side of the same coin. This is a Republican state so Lee’s political contributions for business purposes went to Republicans.

      David, all of this is, like most campaign advertisements a “nothingburger” or a tempest is a teapot. If you are a liberal Democrat, why don’t you stay out of the Republican Primary because you won’t find anyone you will regard as the “best candidate” in that contest. If you are a centrist Republican or independent, your “best candidate” is Randy! Boyd because that’s what he is, a centrist politician. In the unlikely event you are actually a conservative, wait until election day and vote for the candidate most likely to defeat Randy! Boyd which as of now is Diane Black. It’s really as simple as that and you don’t have to pay any attention to stupid campaign adds that seem to upset you so much

      • Bob Fischer says:

        Harwell is by far the most competent. She understands legitimate function of government.

        Stuart, I see your bosses at the Kremlin have you ratcheting up the rhetoric and tribalism. Are you ever going to get around to discussing real issues and specifics? What makes you think you are in charge of who votes in what primary? Many of us are concerned about about the control Putin has over Trump and the Republican party in general. The big issue in November will be restoring ethics and integrity at both the national and state levels. That is far more important than partisan politics. You have yet to endure anyone not controlled by the NRA, a Russian controlled lobbying group, now run by a treasonist who is also an expert at subverting American interests. It may be a good idea for us all to vote in the Republican primary.

  • David Janeway says:

    “David, it is not true conservatism. Republicans don’t usually practice that.” But they do now!

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  • Dan Gilley says:

    When will Tennesseans say “enough is enough?” Or, are they already at the polls? I don’t think any of the three top Republicans have shown the kind of leadership and virtue in the latter days of this campaign that we expected. Where is the state party leadership while this affray is turning Republican and independent voters off by the thousands and driving them away? Carl Dean has to be loving every minute of this fiasco. Thanks to the “below the belt” tactics of Black, et al, we will most likely have a Democrat governor for the next four years. And don’t think for a minute the fallout from this race won’t impact the Senate race. Way to go Republican governor candidates…you are doing a great job turning red into blue!

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Ads were funny but ineffective. Only printers and ad designers benefitted.

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