Black fishing for anti-illegal immigrant votes in latest TV ad

Press release from Diane Black campaign

Nashville, Tenn. —  Today, Diane Black released a new TV ad “Catch and Release,” which focuses on her tough stance on illegal immigration and her dedication to enforce the law as Tennessee’s next governor.


Diane Black: Catch and release. Out here on Old Hickory Lake that means fishing for fun, but catch and release means something different for law enforcement.

Catch and release is how Washington handles illegal immigration. They catch lawbreakers, and then they let them go.

Voice-over: 74 percent of all immigration arrests made last year, involved people with higher criminal convictions.

Diane Black: It’s time we get serious about illegal immigration, and as governor, I will.

15 Responses to Black fishing for anti-illegal immigrant votes in latest TV ad

  • Leslie Parsley says:

    I always try to double check figures and stats for more detail. Mrs. Black is correct in her total but the devil is in the details. “The number of arrestees without known convictions increased 146% (up more than 22,000 arrests), compared with a 12% rise among those with past criminal convictions (up nearly 11,000).”
    I guess she just forgot to mention that or any of the categories of alleged crimes, for example assault — less than 50 percent. You can read the article from Pew Research here which is based on the figures from ICE.

  • Leslie Parsley says:
  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Sorry, this is a sovereign country with borders and laws regarding entry. As soon as you enter the country by violating those laws you are here illegally and subject to arrest whether or not you go on and commit a crime. Diane is absolutely correct when she says that “It’s time we get serious about illegal immigration. . . .”

    Unfortunately, as a governor she can’t and as a tepid conservative U.S. congressman attuned to the desires of the Chamber of Commerce/Business Round Table cheap labor lobby she didn’t. Sad to say but under the ANYBODY BUT BOYD strategy it looks like I will probably have to vote for her anyway.

    • James White says:

      There’s your problem. You vote for people you don’t want and then complain that they are not doing what you want. Quit voting against people and vote For people. The lesser of two evils is still evil.
      If you keep voting for what you don’t want you will never get what you want.
      Marsha Blackburn votes for More Government, More Debt, and Less Freedoms. I don’t want that.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        If I can’t get what I want, then as an adult I am mature enough to be willing to settle for NOT getting what I DON’T want. As a conservative I surely don’t want a centrist like Randy! Boyd to be governor of any state I have to live in when I have the alternative of having a tepid conservatives like Diane Black or Beth Harwell, though I admit Bill Lee is a crapshoot and I hope it won’t come to that. Even then, a crapshoot is better than a known centrist.

        As for Marsha, a Heritage score of 82% is good enough and doing anything whose ultimate affect is to give control of the U. S. Senate to Charming Chuck Schumer and his rogues gallery of leftist extremists is unconscionable.

        • Kay White says:

          But then there is the candidate with the right ideals, one who has been much more involved in the political world than Lee or Boyd and fought for the children of this state against Common Core, one who has stood on the street corners and held signs opposing abortion, spoken on many radio talk shows for the people of Tennessee and our rights – but without the large amounts of money that the others have – a person who really represents YOU and YOU do not appreciate her enough to vote for support and even contribute to! What does this mean – do you really believe in yourself? I believe in myself and I know that I can make a difference! It will take at least two years to straighten out what the second worst governor in our State had done with the unwise spending but together we can do it. Separate – we will fail! Harwell has voted side by side with all of Governor Haslam’s ideals – so she is as bad a Boyd or as you said, Lee! Time is wasting and each of you reading this need to seek out the truth and the real person who is a known “Work Acoholic” and will work to better our state – myself – Kay White – I may be the last chance for this state considering Fitzhugh who just voted for Sanctuary Cities and Dean who took the 7.4 million distaster relief money and used it as he pleased! Am I the only one – Yes! The ONLY ONE without ties to Governor Haslam – go back and listen to the recording from the TN Press Forum and you will see Harwell and Black were not there but all four of the men, Boyd, Lee, Fitzhugh and Dean were all there and they ALL COULD HAVE BLINDFOLDED YOU AND PLAYED MUSICAL CHAIRS AND YOU WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DISTINGUISH WHO WAS WHO! If your common sense does not explain this, it means they all praised Governor Haslam and his broken programs! Sad but true!

        • James White says:

          Yes with Marcia in the senate we will be 41 Trillion dollars in debt.

  • Bob Fischer says:

    Here’s what the constitution says about naturalization,

    “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;”

    You will note there is nothing about giving congress broad based power to restrict anyone’s right to immigrate. Once a person arrives in the United States they are subject to our laws and are covered by our civil rights (as these rights are guaranteed to people , not citizens). If Black wants to run as a Nazi, that’s her business, but at least recognize what she is doing for what it is.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Come on Bob, you’re joking right? “. . .anyone’s right to immigrate.” So somehow you liberals find in our constitution the “right” of foreigners to immigrate!

      Please Bob, that’s an interpretation of the constitution that I would like you to evangelize. Bredesen was a physics major at Harvard with a weakness for left-wing politics, I bet you can convince him that there is a constitutional right for foreigners to immigrate and once you do, have him launch a media blitz advertising the fact. I will be happy to contribute! Let people know the madness that awaits us should liberals ever get control of the government again.

      • Bob Fischer says:

        Uniform Rules of Naturalization does not mean the authority to arbitrarily block or criminalize the existence of any human being in the United States. Every person within our borders is covered by our Bill of Rights. Contrary to right wing conservative dogma, statute law does not over ride the constitution. If a person is committing a crime, then our justice system comes into play, again, for any person, but, the mere act of existing within our borders while being born in another nation is not, in and of itself, a crime. The term “illegal alien” is largely an oxymoron. Unless there is enough evidence for a warrant for arrest, even those born outside the borders of the US are covered by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Though they may not be eligible for all the benefits of citizenship, their existence is not, in and of itself, criminal. At least not according to the Constitution.

        Diane Black’s position is nothing more than a pledge to waste taxpayer money. That, by the way, is something she excels at.

      • Carolyn Smith says:

        Stuart I. Anderson – exactly who do you think founded this country? Immigrants. I think you are entirely missing Bob Fischer’s point. He succinctly says that the Constitution says that Congress has the right to establish the “rules” for naturalization. Those rules may presumably contain criteria for naturalization, some of which may disqualify an individual. Think of it like a company, organization, government entity, etc. not being able to deny the RIGHT of anyone to apply for employment. That doesn’t mean that they cannot use certain criteria that will disqualify individuals from actually being hired. What’s so hard to understand?

        You seem perplexed not only about the “right” of someone to immigrate but more importantly that it refers to “foreigners”. The word immigration itself pertains to “foreigners”, because who else would be immigrating?

    • Donna Locke says:

      Bob, there is no right to immigrate to the United States.

      • Bob Fischer says:

        Our constitution was written during a time when we needed people to immigrate. It was written to encourage, not discourage immigration. Congress does not have a mandate, nor the authority to ban immigration, it merely has the authority to establish the parameters of naturalization. Read Article One. We have tried to sidestep the Constitution with statute law, but the courts have consistently ruled against those laws. Once someone gains entrance to our nation, they are covered by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Per Article One, anyone here has a right to exist here, provided they abide by our laws, unless there is warrantable evidence they entered illegally.

        For what it’s worth, I’m not really passionate about this issue, I’m just partial to rule of law. Allegedly, we’re supposed to be a free nation. Dianne Black is a threat to that. I see no reason to sacrifice any of my rights because she wants free reign to hunt Latinos.

  • Kay White says:

    I agree with Diane Black on this one. What use is it of the tax payer’s money to “Catch” and then “release”? It is time that We “Catch” and “Deport”!

  • Tommy Ray McAnally says:

    How in the SAM HELL DO YOU PEOPLE AGREE WITH ANYTHING BLACK IS TALKING ABOUT. HELL BIG MONEY IS SCRIPTING ALL THIS FOR HER. I still don’t think Black passed Common Sense 101 she’s to ugly. I Really believe we should ELECT A PERSON THAT NO ONE KNOWS AND NOT BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. DRAIN THE HILL AND GET OF ALL THOSE DEAF EARS OUT OF THERE. ANYBODY BUT JUDD MATHENY, GREEN,HARWELL,DEAN AND BLACK AND BRILEY. What was Black’s husband fishing with when he caught her? I think she as a catch and release, check with TWRA.

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