Bill would target landlords of people in U.S. without authorization

The House is advancing legislation targeting landlords who rent to people without proper authorization to be in the country, the AP’s Jonathan Mattise reports. 

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Bruce Griffey (R-Paris) who saw the defeat of another one of his measures seeking to help fund President Donald Trump’s border wall through fees charged on international money transfers from people in Tennessee who can’t present a driver’s license.

The landlord vote advanced out of the House Business Subcommittee on a 5-1 vote. It now heads to the full Commerce Committee.

Lisa Sherman-Nikolaus, policy director at Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition, condemned the legislation.

“Representative Griffey’s despicable bill seeks to strip the most basic of human needs from hardworking Tennesseans– the roof over their heads.,” she said in a release. “The bill puts thousands of children at risk of homelessness and harm,  and detrimentally affects their health and their ability to get an education.”

21 Responses to Bill would target landlords of people in U.S. without authorization

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    By all means let’s do what we can at the state level so that Tennessee is as inhospitable as possible to illegal aliens and their would be enablers.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Totally agree. Everyone needs to do their part. Property owners included

  • William Upton says:

    Wholeheartedly support the bill


    I do not support this absolute inhumane bill. The people are human s just like you and me. Anyone that supports this bill is an idiot. They have had a hard life anyways let’s just make it harder. Oh and you are not american to support this. As an American we were taught different. Oh and by the way this land belongs to the native indians.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Fascinating how the increasingly authoritarian left combines the emotions of a bleeding heart with those of an authoritarian commissar in charge of determining the bounds of acceptable thought. Please listen again. . .”The people are human just like you and me. Anyone who supports this bill is an idiot. They had a hard life . . .Oh and you are not american [sic] to support this. . . .”

      Scary don’t you think?

    • MarLE says:

      “This Land” belongs to US citizens….a group to which “native Indians”, as you call them, BELONG. You know who doesn’t belong to that group? Yep, those of any race, national origin, color or creed who ARE NOT in the country legally!

  • Donna Locke says:

    Pass the Griffey-Hensley E-Verify bill, HB1239 – SB1165, and make it tougher by amendment.

  • Norma Shirk says:

    We are all descended from people who came to this country without “proper authorization” and each wave of immigrants is abused by the people already here. No wanted the Irish, the Chinese, the Catholics, the Italians, the Jews, and the list goes on. We might as well tear down the Statue of Liberty and rip up the Constitution because anyone who supports this bill can’t remember what they truly mean.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      This is the kind of nonsense that gets in the way of sound thought about the invasion of economic migrants descending on this country. Most of us are descended from individuals who immigrated to this country at a time when the industrial revolution was taking place and there was a great demand for unskilled labor to work in our new factories, mines, farms etc. Those factories, mines and farms are long gone. We live in a post-industrial society when we no longer have the need for unskilled labor of American citizens let alone hordes of unskilled aliens who are semi-literate in their own language. With the increasing capabilities of robots and technology it is frightening as to how many jobs will be lost in the next few years. This crises is about more than attitudes toward newcomers to this country.

      Last time I looked there were about 124 million Mexicans and 47 million Central Americans the vast majority of whom would materially improve their lives by coming to the U.S. and getting on our generous welfare system. How many of these people do you want to support Norma?

      • MarLE says:

        Funny how your Candidate, Marsha, ran on a platform of ONLY deporting the criminal element of those “economic invaders” (your description is apt and amazingly on target). And yet, with her unassailable(?) Heritage score you helped send her to Washington to advance the cause of letting them remain here!

    • Donna Locke says:

      Norma, the Americans funding and paying the true costs of the insanity of mass, unchecked immigration have a say and will have a say, one way or another. If you and the other open-borders advocates were the only ones paying the total price in money and damage for all this while the rest of us opt out, we’d be hearing a different protest from you. But you are welcome to open your own home to it, and since you’re okay with the costs, I’m sure you won’t mind sending my child and me a big check for the costs and damages we suffered when and after my kid was hit by an illegal-alien driver. And when you figure out how to truly compensate her for her severe head injury, let us know.

    • MarLE says:

      Norma… are expected to abide by the laws as the exist NOW. If in other waves of immigration there was no proper authorization then you did nothing wrong. We are not in the late 1800’s Anymore!

      If you want to roll back immigration policy then by all means BUT we also need to roll back Income Tax Rates (there was starting in 1913 a 1% on those earning 1.5M). Capital gains tax rate at a max 7%, no net investment tax, no alternative minimum tax. . YEAH….Let the rollback begin!

      Let’s roll back Medicaid, Food Stamps, Affirmative Action, Medicare, SS.

      I could make it just fine without any one of those things. So…..fine by me. Let’s go back to the Statute of Liberty message and all the other things from the Late 1800’s and early 1900’s Immigration waves.

  • David Collins says:

    Landlords to enforce immigration laws? Why not go all the way and establish our own version of the Gestapo? Yeah, that’s the ticket. Get neighbors reporting on neighbors. If you see your neighbor speaking to someone who looks alien (think Hispanic) call the secret police and have them picked up and tortured until they give up all the information they possess about this thought to be ” intruder”. Just another example of government overreach because they can’t do their own job. Just like the law that forces you to produce a driver’s license, birth certificate and passport to purchase a minute quantity of an over the counter cold medicine because law enforcement is too inept to do its job with the tools it already has. No. Make it harder on law abiding citizens instead. Answer me this. Just how is the lowly landlord to go about determining a would be tenant’s immigration status? Is the government going to pay the judgments for the landlord when he is successfully sued for refusing to rent to someone who is not an illegal immigrant? Is the landlord’s defense supposed to be, “Well, he looked like he could be illegal?” I’m not going to call this bill inhumane, just not very well thought out and unnecessary. ICE just needs to do its job. If they are lacking the manpower, then give them the manpower, but stop trying to make government agents out of the private citizenry.

    • MarLE says:

      We already have a law preventing Employers from hiring those here illegally. Its questionable implementation, notwithstanding, we have codified our interest in making employers help enforcer immigration laws. How is extending that to landlords any different? But cheer up….if it is as toothless as E-verify its efficacy will be to your liking.

  • James White says:

    it would be nice to have a bill number

  • benton temple says:

    This is bad legislation simply because it doesn’t treat other business owners equally. Why punish landlords and not the owner of a McDonald’s franchise too for serving illegal immigrants? Why not punish Amazon for illegals using their service? Why not punish Marriott Hotels?

    I understand and sympathize with the bill, but it’s not equal and picks out a certain business to punish.

  • Wouldn’t it be quicker to punish grocery stores and restaurants for selling food to people who don’t have the proper papers?

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Again, the bankruptcy of the open borders crowd’s position is revealed by while they claim to be against open borders they raise the most facile objections to every plan to do something about our open borders. Obviously, the restaurateur and grocer don’t have the formality and length of relationship with their customers that the landlord has with his tenant so as to give them the opportunity to check the legality of their customer’s presence in this country. Somehow Steve I can’t help but feel that you are smart enough to realize this as well as I do.

      Wouldn’t it be simpler, to say nothing being refreshingly honest, if you open borders enthusiasts would just say something like “I am on the political left and I know that the history of immigration to this country has immigrants for the first two generations vote for Democrats in overwhelming numbers so I am excited about importing as many people as possible into this country as fast as possible regardless of who they are, or where they come from.” Or, how about this, “I am a U.S. employer of unskilled and semi-skilled labor and I get positively giddy about having a limitless supply of cheap labor that would be afforded to me by open borders who would serve to keep my labor costs down in perpetuity.” And there’s always “I am wealthy individual who spends most of my social life in country clubs and exclusive venues and I live in a guarded, gated community with individuals such as myself and I am interested in readily available and inexpensive gardeners, nanny’s and maids, employees of home health care and skilled nursing homes so my parents can be cared for so I feel we need an unending supply of economic immigrants to satisfy my needs.”

      See? Isn’t that refreshing?

  • James White says:

    Papers Pleez !

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  • Robert E Lawson says:

    We absolutely agree that illegals should not be able to rent or lease to any illegal.We also believe that mandatory E-VERIFY should be strictly enforced.There are legal ways to enter this country so that criminal records and disease can be noted in the process.This should be done for the protection of American and Tennessee citizens.They are destroying the American economy.Illegals are crossing the border in such great numbers mixed with the millions already here and the of Texas says that a new poll says there are between 25 and 35 million illegals is estimated that it cost legal American taxpayers over 300 billion dollars a year to keep illegals true and honest American wants to pay that bill,only those who greatly benefit or are paid to support it.You better wake up folks before its to late.

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