Bill Lee TV ad quotes Jesus — ‘Love the Lord… love your neighbor’



Press release from Bill Lee campaign

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Today, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee released a new statewide television ad entitled, “Serve.” The ad is the second of his campaign, and is the first in a series of ads planned for the coming weeks.

Ad Script:

“Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love the Lord – but the second one is like it – love your neighbor.

And that means that we’re called to serve.

Now only He knows how imperfectly I’ve done that, but I do try to serve my family, my neighbors and twelve hundred employees every day.

As governor, you have my word – I’ll work to serve your family the very same way.”



10 Responses to Bill Lee TV ad quotes Jesus — ‘Love the Lord… love your neighbor’

  • Lance Persson says:

    It is GREAT that we have a candidate that is running to serve the people of Tennessee who is guided by the word of GOD and not political influences. Want to see our state run by someone who truly cares for ALL the people of Tennessee. Learn more about Bill Lee and VOTE FOR BILL LEE. Share what you learn about him with neighbors, friends and family.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    It’s embarrassing! Bill Lee whose only political involvement anyone can remember him having is when he was pressuring the Williamson County Commission for tax breaks for his company now decides to run for governor. Well, when he was born he started at the top so I guess it’s sort of habit forming.

    No political experience, and at a time when conservative candidates are so woefully underfunded as compared with their centrist/tepid conservative opponents, no record of political contributions so I assume he has no political ideology either. I may be following the ANYBODY BUT BOYD strategy, but Bill Lee has to be the second worst choice for Governor in the Republican Primary!

    • George Carver says:

      You’re wrong, Stuart. Lee has a track record of being a successful businessman and it is much more in touch with the needs of rural Tennesseans. Unlike the other candidates, Lee’ is a 7th generation Tennessean. He is not an insider looking for the next rung in the political ladder. Lee is running because he has been called.

    • David Collins says:

      Stewart, I may be mistaken but I thought you to be a “Trumper”. Your description of what disqualifies Bill Lee, no experience, no political ideology, independent wealth . . . sounded like you were talking about Donald Trump.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        David, I was an Alternate CRUZ delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention and I spent a considerable amount of money trying to make TED CRUZ President.

        I never had the slightest intention of supporting Trump before he was nominated for a number of reasons including the fact that I think its preposterous that anyone with absolutely no political experience, no record of making donations to or supporting conservative candidates should expect to receive the votes of conservatives when running for high office like President or Governor. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain.

  • Lance Persson says:

    Stuart I encourage you to learn more about Bill Lee. I sense anger in your posting and I certainly hope that can be resolved. I challenge you to go to, read where BILL LEE stands on the issues we face and let me know which issues you disagree with him. He is the only candidate I know that has clearlyand simply identified his views on all these issues.

    In my opinion, BILL LEE is the person we should vote for governor if we want to see positive changes made in our state government and not just empty promises.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Lance, Bill Lee has one conservative platform but I think you and I should discuss how a man with ABSOLUTELY no record of having held political office or having any sincere political convictions before the campaign suddenly comes by such a platform.

      When a wealthy individual with no political record decides to run for office he assembles a campaign team of professionals. First his pro pollster starts calling individuals in his target demographic of voters to get their feelings (“strongly approve, approve, undecided, etc. etc.”) about the issues. Next his media professionals design adds and press releases that appeals to that target demographic so by the time campaigning starts you have before you the most devoted, sincere, in this case conservative that money can buy. Of course, this store bought conservatism doesn’t last very long at all. Once in office our no record candidate almost always becomes the feckless centrist/tepid conservative that so characterizes so many Republican officeholders.

      Wouldn’t if be wonderful if in this election the rich no record candidates (Bill Lee, Bob Corlew, John Rose, Gino Bulso, etc. etc.) ALL LOST! What a wonderful education that would be to wealthy individuals with political ambitions that if you ever want to run for office and want conservative votes votes for you best establish conservative credentials well before the campaign or find some other way to spend all of that money.

      BTW, your senses deceive you. I’m not angry at anyone. I enter every campaign season with the thought that generally this country, and indeed western civilization, is on the “Wrong Track” but then again I don’t have any children, nieces, nephews or even a first cousin once removed so if what’s going on is OK with the rest of you, it sure as heck should be OK with me.

  • Kay White says:

    As a Candidate for Governor without money and little support from those who do, let me say I have been involved for many years, supporting, promoting, walking the streets, helping in the “Beat Lamar” campaign, state director for Rick Santorum in 2012, and director of East TN for President Trump – making many trips to Washington with my husband participating in events to promote conservative ideals. We are founding members of the Tea Party Patriots, and active members of the Republican Party! With this said, in Bill Lee’s defense – I do believe that he is a sincere man of character. What would bother me most would be that he has not committed to reverse the awful educational programs which the Haslam Administration had brought on our children and out teachers – with the horrific testing and causing them to teach Islam in our schools. Bill, I fear is listening too much to his Campaign Chairman, Chris DeVaney, who in my opinion is proven to be self serving and a person without moral convictions to do right; he certainly proved this to me when he was the Chairman of the Republican Party and was untruthful to me about an incident which I called his hand on. I cannot stand people who are dishonest and it was a great surprise to me to learn that Bill Lee would associate so closely with someone of this character. With this all aside – the greatest factor in this race needs to be about a person who is upset as I am and determined to get our schools back on track and our teachers treated fairly in their requirements and their pay! The same goes for our law enforcement. If I “slip under the rug” without very much money and win, I will immediately appoint State Representative Bud Hulsey who has a law enforcement background as my Commisioner of Safety and start interviewing someone with the highest qualifications and understanding of what is wrong in our educational system to replace Commissioner McQueen! I know that if we lose our safety and the lives of our children are tainted with lack of common sense and trade skills and the basics of reading, writing and math, our future genenrations in TN are going to be unable to make wise decisions for themselves. This is not a job that I wanted but there was no one else that I could assertain who wanted to serve for the right reasons. So ask Bill Lee one big question, “Sir, will you pledge to get rid of the “PEERSON PUBLISHING” COMPANY’S PROGRAM WHICH IS CORRUPTING OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM WHICH WAS PROGRAMMED INTO THE MICROSOFT LAPTOPS AND PLACED IN ALL OF OUR SCHOOLS – TEACHING ISLAM, NEW MATH AND ONLY GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE, SINCE A PARENT OR ANYONE ELSE HAS TO HAVE A PASS CODE TO OPEN THE PROGRAMS! ASK HIM IF HE WILL MAKE IT TRANSPARENT TO THE PARENTS WHAT THEIR CHILDREN ARE LEARNING AND ASK IF HE WILL ALLOW OUR TEACHERS TO TEACH AND STOP RESTRICTING THEM AND DEMANDING ALL OF THE TESTING WHICH IS BEYOND REASONABLE! ASK AND SEE IF YOU GET A STRAIGHT ANSWER – OR A “WELL, I WILL TAKE A LOOK AT IT” OR WHAT DOES HE KNOW OR NOT KNOW ABOUT WHAT HAS GONE ON IN OUR SCHOOLS – DOES HE REALIZE THAT MANY TEACHERS ARE THREATENING TO GO INTO OTHER PROFESSIONS? ASK IF HE COULD LIVE ON 35 TO 40,000 PER YEAR? ASK HIM IF HE KNOWS WHAT THE YEARLY STARTING SALARY IS FOR MOST OF THE PATROL OFFICERS ARE IN OUR JAIL SYSTEMS – I KNOW AND I CARE AND I KNOW THAT THIS FIGURE IS IN THE PROVERTY LEVEL! Lets get real about what really matters! Lets call it like it is! If you support any candidate, you need to know their positions on these issues – not just pretty words, “Fake Ads and “Fake Debates” (that only include candidates who raise at least a million dollars) which are like buying tables at the dinners for “Fake Straw Polls” – what really matters is the quality of life that is available to all Tennesseans in all parts of our State and electing a Governor who will pledge to not sign any new tax into law, as I will unless it is a swap tax to swap the tax from the necessity items to the unnecessary items and I pledge to immediately get our safety more secure and our educational system back to what matters! Ask and see if you get a straight answer or a soft kind answer that really says noting to you of substance! Also I will ask Tim Hill to be one of my Deputy Governors. Thank you for reading – now do your part and find the answers to these questions before committing!

  • John Leonard says:

    Without doubt, all Republican candidates are doing their best to compare themselves to Donald Trump…..”outsider,” “conservative,” etc., etc. Sadly, however, there is only one Donald Trump. Mr. Lee’s “on-the-sleeve faith” is a turn-off to many conservatives who are interested in issues and solutions to those issues. (I don’t doubt his sincerity about his faith, and privately it’s admirable, but his fatuous campaign ads tell us very little about his positions on the issues.) Neither has Mr. Lee displayed any fire, any combativeness, or passion about his positions. THESE are the qualities that have drawn many of us to support Trump. When the Democrats or media hit him, Trump hits back….we conservatives have been waiting for a “fighter” for decades. Mr. Lee has not come close to displaying the fighting attitude, the passion that will be needed to defeat Karl Dean – who is a smart, capable candidate and is capable of conducting a vicious campaign. (Mr. Dean, a protégé of Mr. Bredesen, should not be underestimated, and, undoubtedly, will receive a lot of money from out-of-state.) I view (possibly unfairly) Mr. Boyd as another one of those in a very long line of East Tennessee Republicans who always turn out to be not nearly as conservative as their campaign rhetoric would indicate. Beth Harwell is polling poorly and has likely lost a goodly amount of support with her stance on medical marijuana. I do not like Diane Black due to her very dirty campaign and few years ago against fellow Republican, Louann Zelnick, but certainly Black has the grit, the fighting ability, and the campaign organization to ensure that Tennessee does not elect a Democrat as governor. IMO

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