Bill Lee on Black attack ads: ‘It’s not what leaders do’

Businessman Bill Lee speaks at his campaign headquarters opening in Franklin on Feb. 12, 2018. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Franklin businessman Bill Lee says he will take the high road in response to rival Republican gubernatorial candidate Diane Black’s attack ads.

“I think negative, deceitful attack ads, it’s everything wrong with politics,” Lee told WKRN-TV’s Chris Bundgaard. “I’m not going down that road because it’s not what leaders do.”

Lee was asked about the ads when he was campaigning in Marshall County on Monday.

“People that are wiling to say anything or do anything to be elected I don’t believe that that’s the kind of person that Tennesseans want as governor,” Lee said.

Black has been running negative ads against Lee and Randy Boyd, whom she labels “moderate.” The spot targeting Lee notes that he once made political contributions to former Nashville Mayor Megan Barry and former Gov. Phil Bredesen, both Democrats.

“Bill Lee’s the kind of Republican who helps Democrats get elected,” the ad’s narrator says. “Don’t let Bill Lee burn you again.”

Lee says “business decisions” were behind the $1,000 he gave to Bredesen, and $500 to  Barry (he also once gave $250 to Karl Dean, another former mayor now running for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.” Lee notes that Trump had also given to Democrats in the past and that virtually all the rest of his own contributions — 99.7%, according to Lee — went to Republicans.

10 Responses to Bill Lee on Black attack ads: ‘It’s not what leaders do’

  • James White says:

    At least Lee did not vote for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, like BLACK did.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      The trouble conservatives should have with Lee’s record of giving is that the contributions he gave to Republicans are almost all to centrist/tepid conservative establishment Republicans rather than chronically underfunded conservative candidates. Indeed these contributions were apparently “business decisions” as well, like all of his contributions.

      Lets face it conservatives, Lee is a rich political dilettante who decided that it would be fun to be governor. He has no record of conservative advocacy and no record of significant, consistent financial contributions to conservative causes or candidates so there is no reason to vote for him in view of the fact that he has no record in political office. Thus far, the polls have Diane Black as the candidate most likely to defeat Randy! Boyd so the ANYBODY BUT BOYD strategy as of now indicates Diane it is.

      • James White says:

        Stuart, you so funny. First Lee doesn’t have a history of voting, but DIANE does. Diane votes identically to Marsha. And you want Marsha. Why you diss Diane?
        Diane No.
        Marsha No.
        Lee may be the one !

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          Marsha’s Heritage/Club For Growth scores are 82%/90% against Diane’s 78%/80%. Marsha is more conservative than Diane but so long as Diane is most likely to defeat Randy! Boyd I support both ladies under the ANYBODY BUT BOYD strategy. As for Lee, come on James, in the unlikely event that Lee becomes our next Governor why don’t you run an office pool as to how long it will be before Lee does something that will cause him to loose your tentative support. I suggest you denominate that pool in days if not hours.

      • David Collins says:

        Damn Stewart. In describing Bill Lee you just also described Donald Trump, with the exception that Trump donated to Democrats–as a business decision. Trump had no record and “thought it would be fun to be President”. That’s a pretty good disqualification argument against Lee but it is also a good disqualification argument against Trump.

        • MarLE says:

          Excellent point, David! So…..Diane likes Trump in spite of his donation record but Devotee Stuart! Anderson does not like Lee for doing the same thing. go figure

        • Eddie White says:

          I did not vote for Trump in the primary for the very reasons you described, but I voted for him against Clinton. I would vote for Bill Lee over Karl Dean as well if he won the primary,

  • William Upton says:

    Lee reminds me of Romney. Wishy washy, goodie two shoes, I just don’t like him or trust him.

  • Donna Locke says:

    Not gonna vote for a theocrat.

  • Eddie White says:

    Bill Lee’s Christian witness cause me no alarm whatsoever, however his donations to Megan Berry and Phil Bredesen do.

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