Alexander open to witnesses in Trump impeachment trial

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Maryville) attends an event at the state Capitol in Nashville on Dec. 17, 2018. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Maryville) is open to hearing from additional witnesses during the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. He also says he would vote against any motion to dismiss the charges against the president.

“I’m going to listen to the arguments, listen to the questions and then I’m going to decide whether I believe we need additional documents from additional witnesses,” Alexander said in response to a reporter in Washington. “That’s precisely what they did in the Clinton impeachment that was a hundred to zero vote for that procedure and I think that’s good precedent.”

Alexander added in a statement:

I think we should hear the case. We have a constitutional duty to do that. That means to me, number one, hear the arguments. Number two, to ask our questions. Number three, to be guaranteed the right to vote on whether we need additional evidence following hearing the case. Evidence could be witnesses, it could be documents.


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  • Judy says:

    How did you vote to move the impeachment forward or did you not vote.

  • David Collins says:

    Agree with him on issues or not, Lamar Alexander has always held himself to a high ethical standard and acted in an honorable fashion. As a lawyer, he knows that you cannot have a meaningful trial on any subject without the presentation of evidence and that presentation normally manifests itself in the form of witness testimony. Stand firm Senator Alexander. Make them do it right.

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  • Ken says:

    I am proud of Senator Alexander. David, you’re right. Let all the evidence come forth and let the American people see what’s there. I voted for Trump but we need to know.

    • John says:

      Exactly. Let’s see the truth. If Trump is innocent and the call was perfect, why not let them testify? What’s he afraid of?

  • Beatrice Shaw says:

    Absolutely let them be heard. Tennessee Republicans, I am learning, and especially senior ones, are not as bad as media has portrayed them. There seems to be very capable people in some places, but what appear to be somewhat baffling right wingers on the lower levels. Really a strange political climate here.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      You will get used to it Beatrice, and when you do you will realize how lucky you are being a liberal who doesn’t actually have to live in some dystopia governed by liberals.

  • Eddie White says:

    The evidence has come forth…that is what the democrats in the House have been doing. The evidence is lacking, Trump should not have been impeached, and the Senate will now waste more of the taxpayers time and money.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    I’d say Alexander has to go along with entertaining witnesses. If people found out the cush jobs his kids have in government then they will be very upset. Whoops. Spilled the beans

    • John says:

      Just like the Trump children.

      • MARLE says:

        No….Jared has been given the job of creating “peace in the Middle East” so he’s clearly earning his money. What? Not going swimmingly well? And Ivanka is there to feather the Trump brand in the future as well as shoring up her own brand with IP carve out protection, in real time, from China. Nepotism is ok when it is working so well for the benefit of the country.

  • TRUTH will prevail… and the evidence or lack thereof will make itself known. Fear is not an option. My wife and I know this personally and have received witness from many others who testify that the sham is not limited to Washington, but exists right here in Tennessee which has its own “swamp to drain”.

  • Sylvia Brigitte Hire says:

    About time you stand with the President! The Senate isn’t required to do the job of Congress! They had a hoax inquiry, only hearsay witnesses, but Sondland who said “no quid-pro-quo”, held on to it for a month, then submitted the charges (which aren’t in any form or shape reasons for impeachment). After suggesting the President is a National Security threat if not impeached, holding them in Nancy’s drawer for a month…now they want the Senate to do THEIR job??? I think not! They have no right to dictate a Senate hearing and you should put your dislike for the President aside and see this farce for what it is!

    • Lenny says:

      I agree, but why don’t you let the men handle this? “It is not permitted unto women to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.” 1 Corinthians 14:34

      • Gail Baldwin says:


        What world do you live in? What a sexist comment and how senseless to take a position that renders over 51% of the population to be non-contributing members of society. This is the kind of thought process that will render the Republic Party baseless with younger generations. You will not be missed.

        • Lenny says:

          It’s from the Bible. There’s a war on Christians in this country and it’s being waged by radical Democrats and Never Trumpers like you. I am the future of the Republican Party. Jeb! lost to Trump. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

  • Beatrice Shaw says:

    Just reading where this Senator Alexander retiring after end of year. Would you believe he was Governor of TN, ran for President TWICE and has been a Senator foe 18 years?? Seems like an incredible record of public service. He also tried to get us the free healthcare. Bless him

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Well, actually it’s a record of failure on the part of the Republican Party to offer a consistently effective alternative to the left-wing politics of the Democratic Party and the failure of a majority of voters who vote in the Republican primary to demand that Republican officeholders provide such an effective alternative. No matter, the Republican Party at long last is moving resolutely rightward, and after this year both Lamar (Heritage-49%) and Phil Roe (Heritage-70%) will be gone succeeded by no doubt more conservative replacements and lucky you Beatrice, you’ve moved here just in time to see it happen!

  • Randall M says:

    Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have filled the air waves and print media with ‘tons’ of BS reasons in their case to impeach Trump. If I, as an ordinary citizen, have seen and heard all the witnesses and documents the Democrats have produced then how is it that Lamar Alexander has not already done the same. It leaves me to conclude that either Lamar is not doing his job as an elected official for the state of Tennessee or he is really a RINO or he just plain stupid. I know for certain he is not stupid. That leaves me with just two options, so I believe 1. He is not doing his job as the voters of Tennessee would have him do and 2. He is a a RINO. These two options are not mutually exclusive.

    • Phil Lassiter says:

      Lamar! Is a sell out. His closest friends sold all their businesses to China on his recommendations years ago and left hulking factories empty here where there used to be core manufacturing. Research Lamar! And you’ll find as Sec Education he promoted taking all kids at birth. Just the truth. Sorry

  • MARLE says:

    Stuart, it isn’t the errant Republicans who are giving us a skewed and intentionally unfair tax code, a bloated budget, deficit spending, rising debt and a half-hearted approach to illegal immigration…..your stalwarts have voted for all of this.

  • Eddie White says:

    I guess MARLE is longing for the good ole Obama days of higher taxes, more regulation, less energy independence, intolerance of conservative Christian values, weak foreign policy, open borders, unfair trade deals….I could go on but I need to go check how my retirement account is doing…

    • MARLE says:

      Our “strong” foreign policy has gotten us virtually nowhere. Kim has succeeded in flattering Trump into thinking that he is making progress. Iran and the whole of the ME is a mess. European leaders think he is a boorish joke (and I voted for him).

      I still can’t buy a washing machine that lets me regulate the water level and cycles. Let’s get Fed regulations out of my laundry room,

      We are transporting illegal Guatlemalans back to their home on jets at a cost of $64K Per Flight carrying 101 people. They call the “service” ICE express. And our border crossings are down from Trump all-time high levels but we have shown no seriousness on E-verify or other measures. You just watch Trump give them all amnesty if we elect him again.

      WE have a trade imbalance that is the highest levels of the Trump administration. All we have done is SHift where we buy. We have accomplished nothing which is what is now sending the stock market through the roof…..doing nothing, predictably, is what US multinationals have wanted all along. Now they have inked a deal to provide that.

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